The Jason Giambi Era Is Over!

JerseySenior Analyst INovember 5, 2008

Philadelphia may be celebrating its first world championship in 28 years, but New York fans have something else to celebrate today. The Yankees have officially bought out the contracts of Jason Giambi and Carl Pavano.

Oh happy day! No more complaining about the steroid king fumbling around at first base when he should be a minor league DH! No more talking about how the Yanks have $44 million invested in a broken toenail waiting to happen!

Giambi, would you like us to pick up your $22 million option? NO! You're not even worth the $5 million buyout, but hey, it's what we gotta do.

Pavano, you think you deserve another year in pinstripes and $13 million? NO! Maybe you should pay back the Yanks some of the money you stole from them. Be happy with your $1.95 million buyout!

When asked about it, GM Brian Cashman said, "Given the circumstances and the money involved, I don't think they were surprises to anybody," although he could have been more concise, and said, "DUH!"

Cash also said that he's leaving his options open, and that he may even take these guys back at a lower price. I could see them bringing back Pavano in a minor league deal, in which the money wouldn't hurt us. The upside potential remains useful if a pitcher goes down.

But Giambi? What use is he? We have Shelley Duncan to fill Giambi's shoes, and he isn't on steroids.

Giambi is as good as gone. I hope the Red Sox gamble on him; or maybe Team Sunshine, or Devean George, somehow.

In other news, Andy Pettitte wants to return as well. According to ESPN, he'd probably have to accept a reduction of his $16 million salary from last year.

Well, thank you, geniuses in Bristol. Yeah, something tells me the Yanks aren't about to shell out $16 million for a 36-year-old who won only two of his last 11 starts, with an ERA over six along the way. Yeah, I'm thinking more in the $4 million range.

Giambi is out, Pavano is out, and now it's time to replace them with Tex and CC!