MLB: The Worst Baserunner on Every Team

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MLB: The Worst Baserunner on Every Team
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Baserunning is the most under-appreciated aspect of the game of baseball.

It is the oil that keeps the machine that is an offense running.

It is not just about stealing bases. It is about taking the extra base on a hit and advancing on a fly ball. It is breaking up a double play or freezing defenders on a ground ball.

There are a plethora of ways to be a good baserunner that can be quantified.

A short time ago, Statheads brought you Ultimate Zone Rating (UZR) for defense.

Now, these same people have created Ultimate Base Running (UBR), a similar statistic that is beautifully simple and complex at the same time.

You can read about it in-depth here, or take my simple explanation.

The gist of it is that on every play where Player X is a baserunner, his actions add or subtract a run value. Of course, these individual plays add up over the course of the year, and the result is baserunning "runs."

It is essentially the run value of a player's baserunning.

So if Player X has a 2.8 UBR, his baserunning has a value of 2.8 "runs." If Player Y has a -1.5 UBR, his baserunning has cost his team 1.5 runs.

That being said, let's take a look at each team's worst baserunner in terms of UBR this season.

As a guide, take note of the talent level of the players on this list. Remember, you have to get on base in order to be a baserunner.

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