MLB Trade Deadline Predictions: Where Will Top Names End Up?

Seth Guttman@RavenNation21Contributor IIIJuly 24, 2011

MLB Trade Deadline Predictions: Where Will Top Names End Up?

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    This trade deadline will be a very interesting one.  Many big names have been thrown around in rumors for the past month and in a week we will know if any of them were true.  Some players are almost a shoe in to be traded (Carlos Beltran) and others we aren't 100 percent sure of (Ubaldo Jimenez).  This should be a really interesting trade deadline!

    I will share my predictions for where I believe the top trade deadline pieces will go.


    Note: This is my opinion.  If you have a different opinion be free to share in the comments but please refrain from bashing me.  Thank you.

Jose Reyes

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    Staying Put

    This one is easy considering the Mets told the public that they will be holding onto Jose Reyes.  I'm still not sure if its the right decision.  If they some how hammer out a new deal in the offseason, this would be the right move.  Since Reyes will probably look for Carl Crawford money, unless the Mets are willing to pay that, he will leave via free agency.

    If the Mets would rather try to resign him and take the picks over trading him now and getting prospects, so be it.

Ubaldo Jimenez

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    Detroit Tigers

    I'm not 100 percent sure why the Rockies are looking to move Ubaldo Jimenez right now but if I see him leaving Colorado for any team, it would be the Tigers.  The Tigers are desperate for one more starting pitcher, a piece that could put them right there with the other beasts in the American League.  They have been rumored to be looking at Jimenez and Dodgers right handed pitcher Hiroki Kuroda.  Detroit has some nice pitching prospects in their farm system and I'm assuming the Rockies will want Jacob Turner involved in a deal for Jimenez.

    The Yankees would be another possibility, if GM Brian Cashman loosens up his grip on his prospects.  From the reports I'm hearing, he will not.

Hunter Pence

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    Cincinnati Reds

    I actually was not surprised to see the Astros put Hunter Pence on the block.  He could draw a lot of talent in a deal to help the Astros build up their mediocre farm system.  It would take a lot but I believe the Reds may be willing to pull the trigger.  Also, Houston has always been looking for a long term shortstop and Walt Jocketty could move plenty of them.( Todd Frazier, Zack Cozart, Billy Hamilton, Paul Janish) 

    If the Reds are willing to part with a lot, they could get their desired middle of the lineup bat.

Carlos Beltran

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    Atlanta Braves

    The Mets are pretty much out of the playoff race as of now and there is nothing wrong with trading in the division if that nets you the most.  The Braves are always one of the best teams in developing young talent, and their farm system is just as stacked as it usually is. 

    If Atlanta would part with one of their young pitching prospects the Mets would take the deal in a second.

Hiroki Kuroda

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    New York Yankees

    If Hiroki Kuroda got traded to the Yankees, he would have to waive his no trade clause to do so.  There have been reports saying that he does not want to be dealt away from the west coast.  The Yankees could use one more starting pitching and Kuroda is a quality arm.  Brian Cashman wouldn't have to move nearly as much as he would have to for Ubaldo Jimenez.

B.J. Upton

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    Philadelphia Phillies

    The Phillies remember what B.J. Upton did against them in the 2008 World Series. With that in the back of their mind, the "Fighting Phillies" badly need another right handed bat.  Upton would be perfect for the Phillies if they can pay the price for him. I'm assuming the Rays will want an MLB ready piece in addition to a top prospect.

    The Braves and Reds are two other possible suitors. 

Heath Bell

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    St. Louis Cardinals

    There has been speculation for a while, that the Cardinals would be a good fit for Heath Bell.  They have had a mess of a bullpen all year, and Bell would definitely fix that up quite a bit. 

Jeff Francoeur

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    Boston Red Sox

    The Royals are getting very close to contention but they aren't there yet. The Red Sox could use a right handed right fielder and Francoeur would be a great addition for the team.

    The Phillies could be another option.

Ryan Ludwick

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    Cleveland Indians

    The Indians outfield has been a mess with injuries this year.  Ryan Ludwick would be a very nice right handed outfield bat that the Indians could put in the middle of their lineup.

    The Phillies, Red Sox, Reds and Braves could also be interested.

Wandy Rodriguez

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    Staying Put

    As much as the Astros would love to move Rodriguez, I don't think many teams want to pay the price for him.  He's an alright pitcher who has a huge contract.  Maybe they'll have better luck in the offseason or next year.