NFL: 4 Free Agents Sure to Shore Up a Leaky Offensive Line

Josh McCainSenior Writer IJuly 23, 2011

NFL: 4 Free Agents Sure to Shore Up a Leaky Offensive Line

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    If there is one thing that most Super Bowl Champions have in common it's that they have a dominate offensive line.

    The ability to protect the quarterback and open up large holes for running backs make winning games that much easier. 

    However it isn't always offensive linemen that help plug leaks among the line.

Jammal Brown

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    Even though his 2010 got off to a rough start Brown started to learn Mike Shanahan's zone blocking.  

    Part of his rough start was because he was coming off of injury so with another year back in the league 2011 should be a better year for him.  

    The Redskins desperately need depth on the O-Line so re-signing Brown should be a priority.

Tyson Clabo

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    Tyson Clabo started out as a dominating run blocking and was weaker in pass blocking.  However, he worked on his pass blocking and Matt Ryan spent most of 2010 on his feet and not on his back.

    Since he came into the league as an undrafted free agent he might be looking for a big pay day and there are plenty of teams out there who may do that for him.

Matt Light

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    Matt Light is coming off of his worst season of his career giving up double digit sacks but the former All Pro and might be expendable to the Patriots now that he's turning 33 this season.

    In spite of the off year Light is still one of the best linemen in the league and if the Pats no longer want him, someone will and he'll help them greatly.

    Plus that beard of his is full of epic win.

Clinton Portis

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    If there is one thing Clinton Portis might enjoy more than scoring a touchdown, it is sizing up and laying the lumber on a defender.

    Portis might be one of the best blocking backs in the history of the league.

    His days of being a dominant running back might be over, but for a team that could use a blocking back on third down, Portis could fill that need.