Five Ways the Pittsburgh Steelers Could Be Adversely Affected by the Lockout

Joseph BrunoCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2011

Five Ways the Pittsburgh Steelers Could Be Adversely Affected by the Lockout

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    It looks like the NFL Lockout will finally be coming to an end in the next few days, and we can all go back to talking about actual football.

    Even though no regular season games will be missed, players have missed all offseason activities and will miss at least a few days of training camp.

    Although I think the Pittsburgh Steelers are in pretty good position to deal with what is going to happen when the lockout ends, there still could be some problems that arise.

    Here are five adverse things that could happen to the Steelers because of how long the NFL Lockout has dragged on.

Rookies Not Making The Team

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    The Steelers had a great draft, and I had thought that all seven players were going to make the team out of camp.

    Although I still think there’s a good shot that they all make it, rookies across the league are way behind and undrafted free agents still don’t know where they are going.

    Curtis Brown is a lock to make the team, however, Cortez Allen may not be given a long leash considering the Steelers could just re-sign veteran William Gay.

    Also, I think Baron Batch has a chance to win the third-down back job; however, the Steelers could choose to go with the guy who knows the playbook in Mewelde Moore.

    The only thing the rookies have on some of the veterans is that they will come a lot cheaper, and I’m rooting for all of them to make the team.

Offense Struggles

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    In 2010, the Steelers offense never really looked in sync to me, even when Ben Roethlisberger came back from his four-game suspension.

    The Steelers still made it to the Super Bowl, however; that just shows how good the team can still get,being that they made it without running on all cylinders.

    Any offense needs time to develop a rhythm, and the Steelers’ offensive line needs as much time to gel as possible with a bunch of guys coming off injury.

    The lockout will actually show why Ben Roethlisberger is the best quarterback in the NFL because he is great if everything is going as planned; however, he’s even better when things break down.

    With every offense in the NFL being behind, there are going to be a lot of broken plays, and the Steelers have the best quarterback to deal with that.

William Gay Re-Signed

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    I’m cringing to even type this out; however, the lockout could actually force the Steelers to bring back William Gay.

    The team could lose Ike Taylor in free agency, which would leave them with basically Bryant McFadden and Gay with any experience.

    Gay’s future will hinge on how all of the young corners such as Keenan Lewis, Crezdon Butler, Curtis Brown and Cortez Allen do in camp.

    All of these guys have missed out on important time, although I am still hoping all of them make the team over the terrible William Gay.

Keenan Lewis Gets No Leash

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    Even though the Steelers do not like to rush young guys onto the field, most of us thought that Keenan Lewis was going to at least get more of a shot in 2010.

    Lewis seemed to be in Mike Tomlin’s doghouse for most of the season and never really saw the field except on special teams.

    Some may think Lewis being cut isn’t a big deal; however, I am still a big fan of Lewis and I think he can still pan out as a starting cornerback for the Steelers.

    He could be cut if he doesn’t show some kind of improvement, though, and any time he’s lost and will lose in camp is detrimental to his development.

Losing Ike Taylor

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    With LaMarr Woodley being franchised, Ike Taylor is the Steelers’ priority whenever free agency actually begins.

    Ike is far and away the Steelers' best cornerback, and as I stated in my previous slide, if he leaves, it would force the team to keep William Gay and probably get a free agent.

    By all accounts, Ike wants to stay a Steeler and the Steelers want Ike back; however, that does not mean the team is going to be willing to give him the money he wants.

    The lockout could hurt the Steelers' chances to retain Ike because of the fact that there will be a team willing to give him more money due to the awaiting, hectic free agency.