Detroit Lions: 6 Former Players We Wish We Could Have Back

Jordan Hall@@jordan_hall23Correspondent IJuly 21, 2011

Detroit Lions: 6 Former Players We Wish We Could Have Back

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    Every year brings in a fresh crop of players. While these players add excitement in their arrival, they often signify the end of an era for someone else. The Lions are no different.

    Over the past 15 years, the Lions have continually shuffled the lineup, looking for something that resembled success. Over that time, a lot of good players have come and gone.

    Here are the six former Lions that we all wish we could have back.

6. Scott Mitchell

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    Just kidding of course!

    Mitchell was the punching bag of the town for his five years in Detroit. While he may be one of the best left-handed quarterbacks of all time, I'm not sure anyone in Detroit, even his parents, miss him.

6. Eddie Drummond

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    In Eddie Drummond's years with the Lions, he took six returns to the house. The Lions have lacked consistent production from their returners ever since.

    Drummond could flat out fly. He was so exciting to watch because you never knew which kick it was that he was going to take the distance. Adding this excitement to the squad today would open new doors for the offense.

5. Robert Porcher

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    Robert Porcher was one of the most fearsome pass rushers in the league during his time in Detroit. He gave the Lions defense a strength that it could rely upon while nearly everyone else struggled.

    He provided the team 95.5 sacks and 571 tackles over his 13 years in MoTown. He also provided a large quantity of swag.

4. Mike Furrey

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    Mike Furrey only made a brief cameo in Detroit, but I really enjoyed watching him play. A veteran of the XFL and the Arena Football League, Furrey got to Detroit at just the right time. They had literally nothing going on in their offense and he was able to shine for a brief moment.

    A poor man's Wes Welker, Furrey found his niche in the league for just a second with Detroit, a second we will all cherish forever.

3. Ernie Sims

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    Well that trade worked out. Tony Scheffler has really turned out well for the Lions. While the linebacker core is among the worst in the NFL, Scheffler sits on the bench as Brandon Pettigrew is developing into one of the better tight ends in the league.

    While Sims was never the greatest linebacker in the world, he certainly would be a great improvement over the current group. He seemed like a nice enough guy.

    If solid linebacker play is what denies the Lions a trip to the playoffs this year, we will all realize just how much we miss him.

2. Mike McMahon

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    Was I the only person that loved Mike McMahon? Let's not kid ourselves, he was never the most skilled guy in the league. What he was though, was a competitor and a leader. He was crafty and was willing to do whatever it took to put his team in a position to win. They never did, but he did what he could.

    He started often in his rookie year and was relegated to the bench once Joey Blue Skies entered the picture. Things were never the same.

1. Barry Sanders

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    This one goes without saying. The Lions, and the state of Michigan for that matter, miss the greatest Lion of all time. When Barry walked away, he tore a hole in everyone's heart and the Lions' offense. It's a hole they are just now beginning to fill

    Sanders was the essence of class. Never one to show up an opponent or act out, he has left a legacy that few could imitate.

    Among the many great Lions that have gone, Sanders is without a doubt the most missed.