San Francisco Giants: 'The Franchise' Features Brian Wilson and Ryan Vogelsong

Zac ThompsonContributor IJuly 21, 2011

Giants teammates lineup at All-Star game
Giants teammates lineup at All-Star gameChristian Petersen/Getty Images

The second episode of the Showtime series The Franchise featured the San Francisco Giants All-Stars, particularly focusing on Brian Wilson, Ryan Vogelsong, and Pablo Sandoval.

With five players at the Midsummer Classic, the Giants had the most of any National League team, and with Bruce Bochy and his coaching staff at the helm, the dugout was filled with orange and black. 

The game itself is being taken more seriously these days due to the fact that it determines who has home field advantage in the World Series, yet it still allows some time for the players and coaches to relax and have some fun.

The Showtime crew took full advantage of this and allowed viewers to experience the lesser seen funny side of manager Bruce Bochy. 

The skipper was caught on camera making one of many substitutions in the game saying to the home-plate umpire, "I can't keep up with this s***."

The laughs continued with the show's segment on eccentric closer Brian Wilson.

Some of his most entertaining moments were revisited, such as his appearance on Lopez Tonight, the guest appearance of "the machine" on Cheap Seats, and most recently his fashion statement at the ESPYs.  

Wilson told the Showtime cameras that his "brainwaves work on a completely different level" than everyone else's.

No argument there. 

Pablo Sandoval might be the only Giant close to bringing the same amount of laughter and energy as Wilson.

The show once again noted his offseason weight loss regimen and segued into his recent hitting streak of 22 games.

After his streak came to an end, Sandoval kept positive as he always does, telling the cameras: "If we win, I'm happy. Tomorrow is another day."

The show got a little heavier with the amazing story of Ryan Vogelsong, who, after a career of struggles, was released last year one day after the All-Star game.

This terrible news was delivered shortly after his wife's father—and Vogelsong's biggest fan—died of a heart attack. 

In an emotional interview atop the peaks of San Francisco, Ryan's wife recalled a moment in the hospital room with her father. He told Ryan, "I'll get better and get out of here if you make it back to the big leagues."

Sadly, he did not get better, but Vogelsong did make it back to the big leagues and is now an All-Star.

This is the kind of thing that takes the show to another level: It is about not just baseball, but the joys and heartbreaks that come with being a professional baseball player, as well. 

Perhaps it is the bizarre Brian Wilson who has the best perspective on it all saying, "As long as I'm playing baseball and still waking up the next day, there is nothing to complain about."