Buffalo: Too Good To Be True?

Taylor VanzileContributor INovember 4, 2008

Here we are again... a promising start for Buffalo teams. But, we Buffalonians know all too well the importance of the second half of any season. We have witnessed too many self-destructions in our days to be overly excited about the final outcome of the season.

With both the Bills and the Sabres starting their seasons off with an impressive 4-0 record, all seemed well in Buffalo. The Bills were in the driver's seat and the Sabres were the team to beat in the East.

Then the unexpected, or the inevitable, occurred. The Bills lost to a very beatable Arizona Cardinals team and the Sabres were defeated in a shootout by the Atlanta Thrashers.

Now I know that it is far from over for the Sabres, the hockey season is too long to worry about a few losses early in the season and no hockey team is ever going to go undefeated. The Sabres are still very much in it because with 18 points they are second in the Eastern Conference and tied for third overall in the entire league.

For the Bills it is another story, they are now looking up from the bottom of the AFC East after dropping two games to the division rivals Miami Dolphins and New York Jets. With a game against the New England Patriots coming up this week, in Foxboro no less, there is a very real possibility of falling even further back.

We can still be optimistic though as the Bills' losses came from winnable games, with the exception of maybe the Arizona game where everything seemed to fall apart after Trent Edwards left with a concussion. Getting into the whole J.P. Losman thing is a whole other story that I don't dare discuss in this article for fear of being too long-winded.

In three of the last four games of the season the Bills will play divisional games against Miami, New York, and New England.

So, as far as the Sabres go, there is no need for despair just yet. There is plenty of season left and as long as they play like they have in the recent week there will be nothing to worry about.

The next couple of weeks are going to be telling for the Bills, especially this week against the Pats. This game may be indicative of how the rest of season pans out for Dick Jauron and the rest of the herd.

To all you Buffalo fans out there far and wide I say good luck and Godspeed.