MLB Trade Rumors: Arizona Diamondbacks Aim to Improve Pitching

Ally Williams@@itsallyduhhCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2011

MLB Trade Rumors: Arizona Diamondbacks Aim to Improve Pitching

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    The Arizona Diamondbacks will be buyers at the trade deadline for the first time since 2007. They have solid position players, but their main weakness is on the mound.

    They do have exceptional pitching, with Ian Kennedy and Daniel Hudson, along with a few others; however, Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi write that Arizona plans to possibly add a starter as well as at least one reliever.

    Their targets aren’t pricey veterans, according to Buster Olney.

    The D-Backs have been checking in on several players around the league to help them get to the playoffs. New arms could be headed to Arizona soon.

Kerry Wood, Cubs

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    1-5, 3.56 ERA

    The Diamondbacks would love to grab Kerry Wood from the Chicago Cubs, but the trade would be extremely difficult.

    There is a no-trade clause in Wood’s contract. He has both personal and professional ties to Chicago that would make it hard for him to leave, and he has said that he expects to stay with the Cubs.

    However, Arizona—on the verge of a postseason berth—could be appealing to Wood.

    He’s has never played for a World Series winner, so there is a chance he would wave his no-trade clause.

Todd Coffey, Nationals

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    3-0, 3.82 ERA

    The Diamondbacks have also expressed interest in Todd Coffey.

    In 37.2 innings, the right-handed reliever has allowed two home runs with a 16-to-31 BB/K ratio.

    The 30-year-old Coffey would be the type of affordable reliever Arizona could go after.

Heath Bell, Padres

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    2-3, 2.54 ERA, 26 SV

    Heath Bell is one of the most popular names on the trading block right now, but it’s highly unlikely the Diamondbacks would be able to trade for him. They’re looking for cheaper pitching, and there’s a very low chance the Padres would even consider trading to a division rival.

    However, his name has come up in trade rumors, and Arizona has been monitoring the closer.

Hiroki Kuroda, Dodgers

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    6-11, 3.13 ERA

    One of the biggest names the Dodgers have to offer is Hiroki Kuroda.

    This is why the Diamondbacks probably won’t end up getting him.

    They aren’t planning on spending an arm and a leg, and the division-rival issue applies here as well.

Jason Marquis, Nationals

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    8-4, 3.92 ERA

    Jason Marquis is a mid-level starter who would be much more affordable than big names like Heath Bell or Hiroki Kuroda.

    Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi see him as a more likely target.

Jeremy Guthrie, Orioles

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    3-13, 4.45 ERA

    The Diamondbacks have been linked to Jeremy Guthrie of the Orioles.

    While his record and ERA aren’t really attractive, he’d provide some help out of the bullpen, and Arizona wouldn’t need to pay too much for him.

Brandon League, Mariners

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    1-4, 3.35 ERA

    Brandon League is one of the younger pitchers the Diamondbacks have been keeping an eye on.

    His win-loss record doesn’t properly exemplify his talent on the field.

Jason Isringhausen, Mets

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    1-0, 3.14 ERA

    Jason Isringhausen is nearing the end of his career.

    However, at 38 he is still putting up great numbers. He’d be a good veteran presence for the Diamondbacks.

Jason Frasor, Blue Jays

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    2-1, 3.23 ERA

    As a reliever in the American League, Jason Frasor has done very well.

    In 40.1 innings of work, he’s allowed four home runs, walked 15, and fanned 35.

Several Pitchers from the Athletics

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    Rich Harden, 1-1, 5.00 ERA

    Harden is an affordable reliever with underwhelming stats. Buster Olney tweeted that he could be a worthwhile option for the D-Backs.


    Brian Fuentes, 1-8, 4.74 ERA, 12 SV

    Fuentes would be a less expensive relief pitcher. He has 12 saves so far this year and would be a helpful veteran in the clubhouse.


    Michael Wuertz, 0-0, 2.96 ERA

    Wertz is usually a reliable, solid option out of the bullpen. He’d be an affordable pickup for Arizona.


    Brad Ziegler, 3-1, 1.82 ERA

    The pitcher with the best numbers of this group, Ziegler would be a cheap option that wouldn’t cost the Diamondbacks too many prospects.