Green Bay Packers: 5 Biggest Trap Games on the 2011 Schedule

Matt SmithContributor IIIJuly 20, 2011

Green Bay Packers: 5 Biggest Trap Games on the 2011 Schedule

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    After a dominant postseason showing, the Green Bay Packers learned they are capable of beating almost anybody in the league on paper.

    The key to that sentence is "on paper." As we've been reminded plenty of times, an advantage on paper doesn't always equal a win.

    There are plenty of other good teams in the league that the Packers will be facing, some that they beat or lost to last year.

    Then, there are other great teams with early exits who the Packers have a date with this year.

    Either way, these four matchups could be extremely difficult.

    To quote my good friend Admiral Akbar, "It's a trap!"

Week 1 vs. the New Orleans Saints

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    In my eyes, the New Orleans Saints did a lot of great things in the draft this year.

    They got a steal in Cameron Jordan and moved up to take Mark Ingram, both solid moves.

    The Packers will be high off of their Super Bowl win and with the shortened offseason, they may not come as prepared to this game as they'd like.

    Drew Brees has organized several workouts for his team this past offseason to Aaron Rodgers' none.

    Given how things go before the season, this could be a bad start to the year for Green Bay.

Week 5 at the Atlanta Falcons

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    Unlike the Saints, the Falcons had a questionable draft.

    Instead of upgrading their defense, they gave up a huge amount of this year's and next year's picks for Julio Jones.

    Last time the Packers played the Falcons, they throttled them 48-28. But that was in the postseason.

    In the regular season, the Falcons are a different team. They are extremely good and haven't forgotten last year's playoff loss.

    If the Packers think they can do what they did to Atlanta again, they might be a little disappointed.

Week 6 vs. the St. Louis Rams

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    The St. Louis Rams had a solid draft. The additions of Lance Kendricks (from Wisconsin) and Austin Pettis should give Sam Bradford some more young targets.

    This year, the Rams seem primed to be the best team in the worst division in the NFL and earn themselves a playoff berth.

    Sam Bradford had a fantastic rookie season and only looks to make more strides in his sophomore year.

    Though this game is in Lambeau, the Rams have the young talent to give Aaron Rodgers & Co. a scare in one of the most overlooked games on the Packers schedule.

Week 8 at the San Diego Chargers

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    The San Diego Chargers had a somewhat puzzling draft.

    The selection of Liuget was a good one, as the Chargers needed a lineman. Vincent Brown was also a steal in the fourth round.

    But why on earth did the Chargers take Jonas Mouton in the second round? He's likely to be a special-teamer in his first year.

    The Chargers were No. 1 in both offense and defense but still missed the playoffs due to their atrocious special teams, an area that the Packers aren't too strong at.

    Add the fact that Green Bay is coming off a bye week with the knowledge the game is in San Diego, and you may just end up with an upset.

Week 17 vs. the Detroit Lions

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    Another puzzling draft by a will-be Green Bay opponent.

    Sure, the Detroit Lions took Nick Fairley to make their D-line that much nastier. However, they will have to adjust their defense a bit, because both Fairley and Ndamukong Suh are three-techniques.

    They took a WR and an RB, both solid choices. However, they neglected to upgrade their secondary, offensive line and linebackers.

    Anyway, let's fast-forward to Week 17.

    The Packers, we assume, will have a playoff spot locked up by then. However, this game could be the difference between the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds in the NFC.

    The Lions, on the other hand, could be fighting to get into a wild-card spot.

    Detroit may enter this game very motivated and pull off the win, sending the Packers packing into their playoff bye week as the No. 2 seed.