Arizona Cardinals 2011 Projected Offense

Jack London@@Londonbridges21Correspondent IJuly 19, 2011

Arizona Cardinals 2011 Projected Offense

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    With the lockout hopefully about over, we can actually start thinking about who is playing where for our beloved Cards, not just if we will be playing at all. 

    But then again, one thing the lockout did was help us ignore our fears about the offense. 

    There are holes everywhere. 

    The offensive line, quarterback and running back isn't what it should be, and even at wide receiver there are questions. 

    So, I will do my best to project our starting lineup for the home opener against Carolina

QB: Marc Bulger

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    I know, I know. 

    Everyone wants to see Kevin Kolb's name here, myself included. 

    But I don't think Arizona will trade for him. I have a few reasons. 

    One is the price is just too high on a guy who we aren't sure could be great. 

    Secondly, the Cardinals have too many other needs, and giving up a high draft pick wouldn't help their future. 

    And finally, when have you known the Cardinals brass to gamble like this?

    Not often, if at all. 

    As you all well know, there's a number of different options, but I keep thinking this is actually what will happen, despite the fact that Kolb excites me more. 

    But they could get Carson Palmer or Kyle Orton.

    I'm thinking they'll go after Kolb and see if they can drive the price down. If not, then they'll go and get a QB as quickly as possible so that he's ready for the season opener. 

    In my mind, that's Bulger, who, a la Kurt Warner, could have a sneaky good year in the desert. 

    Backup: John Skelton

RB: Tim Hightower

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    Let's get this straight, though: I don't see Hightower staying here long. 

    They didn't spend a pick they didn't need to on Ryan Williams to have him ride the bench. 

    And unless Beanie shows something early in the season, he will only start if his blocking improves. 

    It's going to get confusing in the backfield...

    Backup: Ryan Williams

FB: Anthony Sherman

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    Easy call. 

    Maui'a wasn't a great FB, and Sherman is a special teams hoss. 

    Backup: None

WR: Larry Fitzgerald

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    Backup: Early Doucet

WR: Steve Breaston

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    One of the first things Arizona does is re-sign Breaston. 

    Would've happened already if not for the lockout. 

    But he should watch out...Andre Roberts is lurking. 

    Backup: Andre Roberts

TE: Rob Housler

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    The Cardinals spent a big (for a tight end) draft pick on Housler. 

    He'd better produce.

    By the way, I expect Dray to get more time at first, because he knows the offense and is a better blocker, but I think that Housler will be the "starter" on day one.  

    Backup: Jim Dray

LT: Levi Brown

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    He's not great, but then again, there are a lot of needs on the offensive line, and he does know the system. 

    Hopefully he'll live up to the hype this season. 

    Backup: No idea...

LG: Rex Hadnot

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    I expect him to start at first this year, especially if the Cards don't sign an offensive lineman in free agency. I hope they will, however. 

    As for why left guard, I figure he will take Alan Faneca's spot. 

    Backup: Ditto. 

C: Lyle Sendlein

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    The first thing the Cardinals should do as soon as the lockout ends is sign Sendlein, one of the more underrated centers in the league. 

    Backup: Um...

RG: Duece Lutui

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    Lutui knows the system in Arizona, and I doubt he gets a starting job anywhere else. 

    So I see him re-signing with the Cards. 

    Backup: This is getting bad...

RT: Brandon Keith

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    Yes, the coaching staff will probably put the woeful Keith back into the starting lineup. 

    Oh, help us...we need to get a free agent!

    Backup: Jeremy Bridges???