Chicago Cubs: 5 Bold Second Half Predictions

Jake KarmelCorrespondent IIMay 31, 2016

Chicago Cubs: 5 Bold Second Half Predictions

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    The Chicago Cubs have had a brutal 2011 thus far, to say the least. As Murphy's Law states, "Everything that can go wrong, will." This law holds absolutely 100-percent true for the Cubs in 2011.

    Even with the struggles of 2011, I'm going to make five bold predictions about the second half of the season.

    Who will be traded? Who will get an extension? Anyone going to be fired? What about how many more games will the Cubs win?

    The Cubs will have many questions to answer after their struggles in 2011.

Mike Quade Will Be Fired

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    Mike Quade was the man in Chicago at the end of 2010 after taking over for Lou Piniella as interim manager. That has changed in 2011.

    Currently sitting 20 games under .500 Quade and the Cubs have been absolutely horrible in 2011. My eyes hurt watching the Cubs play and Quade manage.

    He consistently makes rookie managerial mistakes.

     For example in a game where Carlos Marmol was clearly struggling against the Marlins Mike Quade didn't have anyone warming up or pull Marmol.

    Another mistake is Quade doesn't have Castro run and steal bases. He showed in the All-Star game he can clearly do it. Yet, he hasn't.

    Quade doesn't bunt. His counter part on the south side bunts guys all the time and manufactures runs. Quade refuses.

    He also hired a rookie pitching coach who doesn't know what he's doing. He hired a third base coach who doesn't know when to send guys or hold guys.

    Season's end, Quade and company will be out of work in Chicago.


Jim Hendry Will Be Fired

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    Jim Hendry had a good run with the Chicago Cubs but his days are numbered.

    He has had some shinning moments that have made his career such as acquiring Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez for next to nothing.

    Along with his shinning moments he has had some real head scratchers like signing Todd Hundley, Milton Bradley, and spending absurd amounts of money on Alfonso Soriano and Kosuke Fukudome.

    More head scratchers than hand clappers.

    Not to mention the absolutely head scratching decision in my opinion to hire Mike Quade has manager instead of Ryne Sandberg when Sandberg had been told according to multiple sources on multiple occasions the job was his.

    2011 should mark the end of the Hendry era.

Carlos Marmol Will Be Traded

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    Carlos Marmol's value will be no higher than it is currently in 2011 even with his league leading 7 blown saves.

    Marmol is still young. He can still be developed under the right staff which he clearly does not have in Chicago.

    He's going to get bigger and his arm will get miles on it making his value high now. He is the most moveable contract on the Cubs.

    Anyone looking to upgrade their pen could be a suitor for the Cubs who are going to be heading into what should be a rebuilding year in 2012.


Brett Jackson Will Make His Major League Debut

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    It's about time Brett Jackson gets the call to the major league squad. He's earned it.

    In 2011 he's hitting .260 with 10 home runs and over 15 stolen bases. The kid is talented and its about time to see the 22 year old make his big team debut.

    You may be thinking he's only hitting .260 why the rush?

    The Cubs are bad. That's why. It won't hurt to give the young kid a little experience playing for the big league club. If he's not ready, he goes back down to the minors for 2012. If he's ready and flourishes that will be awesome.

    It's time to rebuild. Might as well see what Brett Jackson has to offer for a month or two.


The Cubs Will Win Less Than 70 Games

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    You read the title of this slide right. The Cubs will win no more than 70 games this season. If my prediction holds true (which I have a strong feeling it will) this will be the Cubs worst season since 2006.

    This team is horrible. If someone other than Matt Garza, Carlos Zambrano or Ryan Dempster pitches, they only have around eight wins on the season.

    Carlos Marmol leads the league in blown saves.

    Starlin Castro leads the league in errors.

    To say the least this team lacks fundamentals. A team that lacks fundamentals doesn't win ball games.