NFL: Top 25 Catches of the 2010 NFL Season

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NFL: Top 25 Catches of the 2010 NFL Season
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I imagine my rankings will cause some controversy, so let me explain my criteria for what makes a great catch catches.

1. The WOW factor

For a catch to have the wow factor, it needs be leave you speechless. It needs to be out of the ordinary. It needs to stand out as one of the highlights of the game, if not the season.

2. Catch-ability

I look at catches like this. If the player went to catch the same pass but dropped it, how would the fans react? Would they boo and think they should have caught it or would they be happy that the receiver made the effort to catch a pass.

If it is the first, it does not make a good catch.

3. Defensive pressure

If being a receiver came down to running routes and catching passes, i think deep down we all  believe we could be one.

However, those pesky defensive players are out there to stop us from making those catches. what separates us peasants from the elite receivers is that they can catch a pass with a defensive back draped all over them. Kudos to them.

4. The Al Michaels "He Did What?!" factor

The commentators reactions say it all. Sure, Gus Johnson celebrates every catch like it was the game winner with time expiring in the Super Bowl. However, if you can make somebody rub their eyes with disbelief as to the insanity of your catch, then you are welcome on this list.

I was going to make this a top 50 list however I have a feeling people would be debating that No. 48 should be at No. 47, so I kept it short and sweet. You know where to post obscenities.

P.S  I apologise in advance for the links to the video instead of the video on the slide show.

As Bleacher Report doesn't take videos, which was the main and only source for the clips, I'll have to post a link on each slide leading to, however there are a couple catches that I could only find on YouTube, so no link will be required.

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