Jose Reyes and the Top 10 MLB MVPs at the All-Star Break

Michael MagoulisCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2011

Jose Reyes and the Top 10 MLB MVPs at the All-Star Break

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    While the first half of the season won't be enough to determine Major League Baseball's most valuable players, there are several names that are having absolutely stellar seasons thus far and will likely be in contention later in the year.

    Both in the AL and NL, these sluggers are among the league leaders in all major offensive categories.

David Ortiz

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    Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz is putting together his best season since 2007 and one that seemed extremely unlikely given how significant his decline was just two years ago.

    "Big Papi" is currently batting .304 with a .391 OBP. His impressive .965 OPS ranks fourth in the American League and his 19 home runs were enough to award him the position as captain of the AL Home Run Derby team.

Miguel Cabrera

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    Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers isn't really doing much he hasn't done before, but playing like he usually does mean he'll be in the MVP race come the end of the season.

    Cabrera's .430 OBP is third in baseball and his .980 OPS is third in the American League. He also boasts a .311 average, 18 home runs, and 59 RBI at the All-Star break. 

Matt Kemp

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    Matt Kemp is putting together yet another brilliant season in his young career. The Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder is currently batting .313 with a .398 OBP.

    Kemp's 22 home runs are on pace to destroy his previous best of 28 and currently have him ranked second in the National League. Kemp is third in the NL in RBI with 67, OPS with .982, and stolen bases with 27.

Lance Berkman

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    Playing like the Lance Berkman of old, the St. Louis Cardinals right fielder may very well be putting together the best season of his career at 35 years of age.

    Rebounding from a weak 2010, Berkman is currently batting .290 with a .404 OBP, which is sixth in the league. More impressively, his .602 SLG and 1.006 OPS are second to just Jose Bautista.

    Berkman's 24 home runs also currently rank him forth in baseball.

Paul Konerko

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    After hovering around the .250 batting average mark for several seasons, Paul Konerko put together a stellar 2010, hitting .312 with 39 home runs.

    The Chicago White Sox first baseman seems to be outdoing himself this year, averaging .319 with 22 homers  and 67 RBI at the break.

    Konerko is tied for fifth in baseball in both home runs and RBI and ninth in average.

Joey Votto

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    In just his fifth year in Major League Baseball, Joey Votto has already established himself as one of the premiere players in the National League.

    Although the Cincinatti Reds first baseman had an unbelievable 2010, he's on pace for similar numbers, currently batting .324 with a .438 OBP, the highest in the NL.

    Votto has also managed to accumulate 13 home runs and 55 RBI.

Prince Fielder

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    Although Prince Fielder's average isn't among the league leaders at .297, it's not much of a concern when he still manages to get on base so frequently. Fielder's .415 OBP is second in the National League.

    The Milwaukee Brewers first baseman is also tied for first in the NL in RBI with 72 and second in home runs with 22, hence him being selected as captain of the NL Home Run Derby squad.

    Fielder is rebounding extremely well from last season and is set to surpass all his offensive numbers.

Jose Reyes

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    Certainly putting together the best season of his career, Jose Reyes is the top selection for many analysts to win the MVP for the National League.

    His current .354 batting average is tied for the highest the league, and despite having just three home runs, his slugging percentage is still an impressive .529 due to his league leading 15 triples.

    Reyes has hit the 15-day disabled list just recently, but he's still one of the top NL performers of the first half of the season.

Adrian Gonzalez

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    In his first season with the Boston Red Sox, Adrian Gonzalez seems to have lived up to the 7-year, $154 million contract he signed earlier this year.

    Likely to be in the running for the American League MVP come October, Gonzalez is tied with Jose Reyes for the league leader in batting average with .354. He's also tied for second in the league in OPS.

    While Gonzalez started off the season a bit slowly, he's accumulated 17 home runs and a league best 77 RBI.

    The Red Sox slugger also put together an impressive performance in this year's Home Run Derby, bested by Robinson Cano in the final round. 

Jose Bautista

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    The numbers Jose Bautista is putting up this season speak for themselves. He's leading the league in home runs with 31, walks with 74, on-base percentage with .468, and slugging with .702.

    Bautista's OPS is a ridiculous 1.170.

    The Toronto Blue Jays right fielder is also second in the league in runs scored with 73 and has 63 RBI.