NFL Free Agency 2011: No Nnamdi Asomugha, No Problem for the Detroit Lions

Kyle GibbonsAnalyst IIIJuly 12, 2011

Detroit passing on Nnamdi could end up being the best decision the team makes in 2011.
Detroit passing on Nnamdi could end up being the best decision the team makes in 2011.Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

The Detroit Free Press recently reported that a source close to the Detroit Lions has said that, at $18 million, Nnamdi Asomugha would likely be “too expensive” for the team to pursue in free agency.

I knew that the Asomugha price tag would likely be too great for Detroit.

Last month I wrote an article entitled "Detroit Lions Free Agency: 5 Players That Wont Be In Detroit in 2011."

In regards to Asomugha, I wrote, “One thing is for sure. The Asomugha sweepstakes is going to be an absolute bidding war, a war that the Detroit Lions are in no position to win."

Like many other teams in the National Football League, the Detroit Lions are in need of multiple free agent acquisitions, and are in no hurry to put all their hopes into one player.

Though Nnamdi Asomugha is most likely the league's greatest talent at the cornerback position, at $18-$20 million, he would also be the league's richest.

Asomugha’s free agent contract this offseason will most likely become the National Football League’s salary negotiating model for the cornerback position over the next few years.

It sounds as if the Asomugha-to-Detroit dream has been all but put to bed.

Oh well.

It’s very likely that general manager Martin Mayhew and the Detroit Lions never played the Asomugha scenario out.

It’s more likely that Mayhew has already narrowed down and assembled a list of probable targets.

Head coach Jim Schwartz is probably already in his car outside Paul Posluszny’s house right now, waiting for the green light from Mayhew to make contact.

The Lions have made numerous high-quality acquisitions over the past couple seasons, and are beginning to develop a reputation of finding the right players at the right time.

Even without the signing of Asomugha, the Detroit Lions will more than likely still walk away from free agency as winners.

All I’m saying is, who cares if they don't sign Asomugha?

Mayhew and Schwartz will do what they do best, and that’s signing the best available players and plugging them into specific roles throughout the team.

Finally, it sounds as if the lockout is slowly drawing to a close, and as soon as it’s lifted, expect fireworks.

You may wake up the next morning to a brand new run-stopping mike backer named "Poz."

Christmas in July, compliments of Detroit Lions football.