Denver Broncos: Perrish Cox and 4 Players Who Won't Be on Team in 2011

Joe Rapolla Jr.Featured ColumnistJuly 12, 2011

Denver Broncos: Perrish Cox and 4 Players Who Won't Be on Team in 2011

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    If this lockout does in fact end by the 21st of July, the Denver Broncos will be an NFL franchise with a ton of work to do. 

    John Fox is taking over the reigns as head coach, and he will be changing the defensive scheme in an effort to prevent another embarrassment like last season. 

    The offense also needs a healthy amount of work, and there will likely be a quarterback battle ensuing between Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow

    Denver can't stand to deal with any distracting players or expensive players, so here are five guys who won't repeat as Broncos in 2011. 

5. Laurence Maroney

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    Laurence Maroney was expected to be a much better professional running back then he has been. Following a successful college career, Maroney was a relative bust for the New England Patriots

    He was a non factor in 2010 as a Bronco, and in January, he was arrested for possessing a concealed weapon. 

    For his production, he is not worth the headache. 

4. Robert Ayers

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    There is still a very good chance that Ayers could still be a Denver Bronco in 2011, yet he has been a relative disappointment in his first two seasons. 

    Ayers signed a pretty expensive five year deal with the team in August of 2009 with $9.7 dollars guaranteed. 

    Taken his lack of production and the fact that he has been plagued by injuries, the Broncos may decide to realize themselves of the debt that is Ayers. 

3. Correll Buckhalter

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    How this guy, a 30-year-old, constantly injured running back, landed a four-year/$10 millon deal is beyond me. What was Denver thinking?

    Correll Buckhalter is an amazing athlete, but as he showed during his days as a Philadelphia Eagle, he can't stay healthy. 

    Buckhalter surprised many and had one of his best years in 2009, yet last season, he racked up only 147 yards rushing and 240 yards receiving. 

    Buckhalter is getting paid way over his potential, and Denver needs to clear space. 

2. Jabar Gaffney

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    Jabar Gaffney is a tough player to put a label on. Over his career, he has had seasons where he's been a huge number three receiver and seasons where he has been very forgettable. 

    He was brought into Denver for his experience, yet with Eric Decker up-and-coming and Brandon Lloyd establishing himself as a star, Gaffney takes up too much room on the receiver depth chart. 

    He is 32 years old, and Denver need to focus on players with more futures than a career second-tier receiver. 

1. Perrish Cox

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    Perrish Cox is an amazing talent, and Denver could use the help at cornerback more than most teams in the league. 

    That said, the fifth-round draft pick has encountered problem after problem off the field. He was one of the top prospects in the 2010 NFL draft, yet fell to the fifth round due to his personal troubles. 

    Since Denver drafted him, he had played nine games and faces sexual assault charges. Talent aside, Cox needs to go.