Kevin Kolb and 8 Arizona Cardinals Free Agent and Trade Targets for 2011

Jack LondonCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2011

Kevin Kolb and 8 Arizona Cardinals Free Agent and Trade Targets for 2011

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    The NFL Lockout may be over in nine days!!!

    At least, we hope so.

    And when that debaucle ends, free agency will begin.

    The Arizona Cardinals figure to play a big role in this year's free agent and trade market, mostly because they need a QB.

    But maybe the biggest story will be how quick everything will go down- because there's not a lot of time until the preseason.

    Oh could get ugly.

Kevin Kolb, QB Philadelphia

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    I know we've spoken about Kolb ad naseum but the reality is he's the QB with the most potential out there.

    Sure, Philly is asking a lot, but if Arizona throws in a player, they may go down to a second or third rounder.

    Not sure who they would trade...maybe another corner? That's the prevailing thought- as rumors of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie swirled for a while, but I doubt that will happen.

    Arizona may just have to give up a first rounder, which might be a good trade for a QB who could be a franchise QB.

    The downside is we don't know if he could be. He could be the next Matt Schaub. Or the next Scott Mitchell.

    What makes me think the Cardinals will be risky though is they have some very good players, some of which that aren't getting any younger, that would like to win a championship now.

    And really, they need a good QB to have a shot.

    Not to mention the fact that Larry Fitzgerald suggested they get him.

    Anything to keep Larry happy right?


Tyson Clabo, T Atlanta

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    Any offensive lineman free agents have to make this list.

    The Arizona offensive line needs a bad upgrade.

    If it weren't for the QB issue, I'd see Arizona going hard after a guy like Clabo, who is physical.

    I doubt the Cards make a play for Clabo, who will get a lucrative contract somewhere.

Carson Palmer, QB Cincinnati

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    No, he's not the ideal fit.

    But he still has the arm strength and the veteran experience to get the job done in the desert.

    He is mistake prone, which is a concern.

    But he reminds me of another wily veteran who came to Arizona in a cloud of uncertainty- Kurt Warner.

    Who knows?

Marshal Yanda, G/T Baltimore

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    Baltimore has two big guys on their O-Line to try to re-sign, Yanda and Jared Gaither.

    I doubt they'll be able to re-sign both.

    I can see them bringing Gaither, the bigger name, back.

    But Yanda maybe not.

    Yanda can play both guard and tackle, which has to entice the Cardinals.

    Not to mention with Arizona trying to revamp its run game, Yanda would help.

    Just ask Ray Rice.

Manny Lawson, OLB San Francisco

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    He made my first free agent target list a couple of months ago.

    There's a reason for it.

    For one thing, he's proved that he can get a great outside linebacker.

    He doesn't have a ton of sacks, sure, but it's easy to be overshadowed when you play with Patrick Willis.

    But he has a better feel for the what the Cardinals play than many other free agents, because he plays in a 3-4, and he sees the Cardinals twice a year.


Willie Colon, T Pittsburgh

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    It's always tempting to look for Pittsburgh guys in free agency because of the connection the Cards staff has.

    Colon missed all of last season, and that is cause for concern.

    Pittsburgh probably doesn't need to lose anyone along their line, but they may not want Colon back.

    He'd be a great stopgap option for the Cards, with the potential to be more than that.

Quincy Black, OLB Tampa Bay

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    He's more of a 4-3 guy, but he has a lot of potential, as he's an athletic freak reportedly.

    This should at least give Arizona pause, as they are thin at outside linebacker.


Harvey Dahl, G, Atlanta

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    Again, with the offensive line being a huge need, these guys go to the top of the list after QB.

    And with Atlanta having several line guys as free agents, Dahl may be let go.

    He'd be another really good stop-gap option for the Cards.

Marc Bulger, QB Baltimore

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    I really see Arizona going this direction if Kolb isn't available at the right price.

    While Palmer is certainly a younger, and maybe better, option, the Cards wouldn't mind getting a guy to come in for a year or two so they could develop John Skelton.

    Bulger might be a little rusty at first, but hey, he can't possibly be any worse than Derek Anderson right?