MLB Trade Rumors: 5 Trade Scenarios for the L.A. Dodgers' Jonathan Broxton

Andre Khatchaturian@AndreKhatchCorrespondent IIIJuly 17, 2011

MLB Trade Rumors: 5 Trade Scenarios for the L.A. Dodgers' Jonathan Broxton

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    The L.A. Dodgers are currently the joke of the league.

    They were mocked at the ESPYs, and they are one of the most financially unstable teams in baseball history.

    Because of this, as we approach the MLB trade deadline, the Dodgers will be forced to have a fire sale. One of the guys they will probably be trading away is Jonathon Broxton.

    Here are five possible teams that will ask for Broxton.

Boston Red Sox

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    The Boston Red Sox bats have been absolutely stellar this season.

    However, their pitching hasn't been something to write home about. They could use some bullpen help, and adding Broxton will be a great help.

    With Daniel Bard pitching better now, the Red Sox can use a third strong arm in the bullpen to make it a six-inning game.

    In 2007 when the Red Sox won the World Series, they had a strong duo of Okajima and Papelbon. Now, it's more uncertain, but adding Broxton will ease the mind of Terry Francona, especially if Bard or Papelbon start struggling again. 

New York Yankees

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    The Yankees' main concern at this point in the season is acquiring a starter, but getting a bullpen arm wouldn't hurt either.

    Like the Red Sox, they can use a strong one-two punch at the end of the bullpen. Obviously they have Mariano Rivera right now, but Broxton in the eighth inning will help the Yankees get to Rivera in an easier manner.

    And who knows? Rivera might call it quits after this season.

    If that's the case, the Yankees can now have a legitimate closer replacing him in the Bronx. Even if he's not the long-term answer, he's a better temporary fix than whatever they have in the bullpen right now.

L.A. Angels

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    In order to compete against the Rangers, the Angels absolutely need to get their bullpen fixed.

    Jordan Walden has been a pleasant surprise, but they've given up too many leads this year, and adding a guy like Broxton will help build a bridge between the starters and Walden. 

Detroit Tigers

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    The Tigers are fortunate they're playing in one of the weakest divisions in baseball.

    With the Indians tanking and the Twins having an uncharacteristically down year, Detroit is looking to capture the NL Central title. With a guy like Broxton, they can have a strong anchor in their bullpen and give the Indians a run for all the marbles. 

St. Louis Cardinals

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    Recently, the Milwaukee Brewers made a key acquisition, getting Francisco Rodriguez from the New York Mets. This move helped bolster their bullpen, because now they have a one-two punch with Axford and K-Rod. That's a daunting duo that will be very hard to stop.

    The St. Louis Cardinals need to counter this move, and adding Broxton may be a perfect, but not equivalent, move. In order to compete against the emerging NL Central, the Cardinals could absolutely use Broxton.