David Ortiz Video: Watch Big Papi Tussle with Orioles Pitcher Kevin Gregg

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistJuly 9, 2011

Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz is one of the happiest guys in Major League Baseball, and there is hardly a time when you see Ortiz and he doesn’t have a smile on his face.

Baltimore Orioles closer Kevin Gregg is hardly ever on the mound or in the dugout with a smile on his face—he is one of the most intense closers in the game.

Neither one of these men would be classified as small, with Ortiz being 6’4” and Gregg being 6’6”, but they both seemed ready to rumble Friday night.

After a huge offensive evening for the Red Sox, Boston's perceived overconfidence was wearing on the Oriole's nerves, and Gregg was angry.

As Ortiz was at bat, Gregg forced him to back away from the plate with an inside pitch, but Ortiz gave a stare towards Gregg and decided to just play it cool and avoid the hassle.

The next pitch was almost in Ortiz’s gut, and the slugger started towards the mound with a few choice words. The catcher and umpire kept the pitcher and hitter apart, and for the time being, things calmed down.

Gregg brought the next pitch inside a bit, but it wasn’t for any other reason than to get Ortiz to hit a high fly ball. When Ortiz popped it up, Gregg started walking towards Ortiz saying something about heading to first base.

Ortiz reacted by charging Gregg, and the video shows that neither man got anywhere near landing a solid shot on the other. Then again, what else would you expect from a baseball fight?

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