Oakland Athletics: 10 Bold Predictions for the Second Half

Maiah HollanderContributor IIIJuly 8, 2011

Oakland Athletics: 10 Bold Predictions for the Second Half

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    The A’s have had a rough couple of years and this year is no different. The first half of the season has left many fans on the brink of insanity between the multitude of injuries and atrocious hitting.

    Quite honestly, the A’s would probably have better luck with Stevie Wonder or Helen Keller at the plate. The A’s need to shake it up in the second half of the season and here are 10 bold predictions to help get this once proud franchise back on its feet.  

A’s Win the AL West

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    Let’s start with perhaps the most unlikely prediction of them all…THE A’S WIN THE DIVISION, THE A’S WIN THE DIVISION! As poorly as the A’s have played, they are still on the fringe of contention due to Texas’ lackluster play.

    If the A’s hitters could muster hitting .250 the rest of the way, they could sneak up on the rest of the division. Perchance to dream…

Pitchers Set an ERA Record

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    The A’s easily have the best ERA in the American league, and they have an opportunity to set an historic mark: a below 3.00 staff ERA. No American League team has done this since 1974 when, ironically enough, it was achieved by the Oakland A’s.

    This has been a miraculous performance so far, with the all too numerous injuries A’s pitchers have endured.

Chris Carter Is an Everyday 1st Basemen

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    Carter is one enigmatic dude – he flashes immense power potential and coupled with Adam Dunn-like whiffability. Given consistent playing time, Carter’s power stroke could flourish. 

The A’s Trade Brian Fuentes

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    During the last offseason, A’s G.M Billy Beane signed Fuentes to a two-year $10 million contract. Being thought he was getting a solid late inning lefty out of the bullpen; instead Fuentes has gone from fireman to firestarter.

    Maybe there’s a contending team that would provide Fuentes a positive change of scenery.

The A’s Re-Sign Coco Crisp

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    A’s fans are cuckoo for Coco – he has actually been one of the few hitters to perform well over the last two years. He also provides a base-stealing threat, which is important for a team that is offensively challenged. 

Brett Anderson Makes a Healthy Return

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    The A’s dodged a bullet when it was revealed that Anderson would not require Tommy John surgery on his ailing left elbow, instead relying on rest and a platelet-rich plasma injection in the elbow.

    His return in the second half of the season would give a boost to the already pitching rich A’s staff. 

The A’s Trade for Justin Upton

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    If the Arizona Diamondbacks fall out of contention, they might just look to bolster a mediocre pitching staff by parting with Upton. The A’s have plenty of that, and Upton would be a perfect fit in the middle of the A’s lineup.

Gio Gonzalez Wins the Cy Young

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    Gio has finally learned to control both his pitches and his temper – he is one of the best pitchers right now in the American League with a 2.31 ERA, it is not a stretch to believe that he could mount a tremendous second half of the year.

    With a little luck, Gonzalez could approach 20 wins, which would definitely put him in the running for the Cy Young award. 

Jemile Weeks Wins Rookie of Year

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    Weeks has provided an infusion of hitting and speed at the top of the A’s lineup, prompting Oakland to ship off Mark Ellis.

    If Jemile can keep up his .300 average and an infectious energy, and Michael Pineda, Jeremy Hellickson, and Eric Hosmer hit the rookie wall, Weeks could sneak in and win this award. 

MLB Approves New Stadium Site

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    Do you know the way to San Jose? Oakland has been waiting…and waiting…and waiting for Commissioner Bud Selig to make any decision on the future of the A’s franchise.

    Owner Lou Wolff would love to get approval to build a new stadium in San Jose, but Selig has been dragging his feet—perhaps afraid of stepping on the toes of the San Francisco Giants’ territorial rights in the area. Stay tuned.