Philadelphia Phillies: 10 Moves to Get the Phillies to the World Series

TCorrespondent IIIJuly 6, 2011

Philadelphia Phillies: 10 Moves to Get the Phillies to the World Series

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    With the MLB trade deadline fast approaching, there are moves to be made for teams all across baseball, including the one with the best record: the Philadelphia Phillies.

    The Phillies are in need of offensive help and need an arm or two in an injury-depleted bullpen.

    Here are ten moves that the Phillies could make to ensure a trip back to the World Series in 2011.

Jeff Francoeur

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    Francoeur could have been a free agent addition this past offseason for the Phillies, but Philadelphia balked at the outfielder's tendency to strike out at a high rate.

    However, Francoeur is batting .264 with 12 home runs and 53 RBI this season, which is far and away more than the combination of Francisco and Brown has produced thus far.

    Maybe as a half-season rental, Francoeur would appear to be a good pick up for Amaro and the Phillies as a right-handed option to platoon with Domonic Brown in right field.

Grant Balfour

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    A relief option that could solidify the Phillies' bullpen is Oakland's Grant Balfour.

    At 4-1 with a 2.48 and 35 K's, Balfour is a reliable right-handed option for the seventh inning or possibly as a setup man alongside lefty Antonio Bastardo.

    Michael Stutes has filled in admirably in many roles, but a veteran like Balfour would go a long way towards sustaining the bullpen's early success.

    With the recent rash of injuries, Balfour would be a stabilizing force in the current "Pig Pen."

Ryan Ludwick

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    High risk, high reward is what the Phillies would take on if they acquired Ryan Ludwick.

    Ludwick has the power potential to have a great impact on this lineup.  However, he strikes out way too often for an offense that already sees its fair share of strikeouts from its cleanup hitter.

    A trade for Ludwick would come at the buyer's own risk.

    However, Ludwick has the potential to revive his swing as he did in St. Louis when he first began his career with a change of scenery from the current pitcher's domain of Petco Park.

Matt Kemp

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    The Dodgers need to dump money somewhere and Kemp could be a candidate for a salary dump.

    The enigmatic Kemp has all the tools to be a superstar in this league, but his habit of taking games off and not giving a full effort have given him a bad reputation.

    Perhaps a change of scenery to a team that is destined to contend for the playoffs and beyond would change his attitude.

Brian Fuentes

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    Another left-handed option is needed in the bullpen.

    Bastardo has been spectacular this year, but with the dismissal of J.C. Romero, a second lefty is needed.

    Juan Perez was called up recently from AAA Lehigh Valley, but is wildly inconsistent in the strike zone.

    Mike Zagurski is lurking in Lehigh as well, but his time to prove himself at the Major League level may have come and gone.

    Fuentes would be a solid, veteran addition alongside the young, developing Bastardo.

Josh Willingham

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    Despite recently being placed on the 15-day disabled list, Oakland's Josh Willingham remains a possible addition to the Phillies roster via a deadline deal.

    Not to beat a dead horse, but a right-handed bat is sorely needed in this lineup.

    If Willingham returns in time from his Achilles injury, he would be an attractive option as a trade target.

    However, on the down side, Willingham is batting a dismal .211 against lefties.

Andre Ethier

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    The Phillies are in need of a right-handed bat who can play a corner outfield position. Andre Ethier is nonetheless an intriguing left-handed option.

    However, this is pure speculation based on the factors surrounding the Dodgers' money woes. 

    If Los Angeles decides to shed salary, Ethier is a candidate to be moved.

    Adding another consistent hitter like Ethier would be attractive no matter what side of the plate he bats from.

Tyler Clippard

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    Clippard is currently playing for a division rival, and so he won't come cheap.

    However, if the Phillies are willing to pay the price, Clippard would be a great addition to the back end of the bullpen in Contreras' absence.

B.J. Upton

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    Upton has loads of talent, except between the ears.

    The Rays have dangled him out as trade bait in the past and appear to be doing so again this year.

    Upton's speed and athleticism are a step up over Ibanez.

    However, file this one under wishful thinking.

    Upton would come at a heavy price to the Phillies' farm system, which has been depleted each of the last three seasons.

Hunter Pence

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    Pence would come at a very high cost to the Phillies, in terms of prospects and other considerations.

    But these are the Astros we're dealing with. The Ed Wade-run Astros.

    Amaro practically stole Roy Oswalt from Houston last summer for J.A. Happ and prospects, in exchange for cash considerations.

    The likelihood that Pence is dealt is starting to slim if you think about the notion of keeping a cornerstone player like him in the organization.

    The Astros could very well hang on to Pence to hold on to the face of their franchise.