MLB Trade Deadline: Brian Cashman and Other GMs with Itchy Trigger Fingers

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MLB Trade Deadline: Brian Cashman and Other GMs with Itchy Trigger Fingers
Nick Laham/Getty Images

For various reasons, certain general managers on contending teams have a stronger tendency than others to make big moves for their clubs right before the July 31st non-waiver trading deadline.

These reasons can include, but are no limited to:

-A specific need for an upgrade at a certain position
-A desire to block a rival from acquiring the same player
-A desire to win now because the team's star will leave town in the off-season
-A foresight of good value
-A sense of the dramatic

The smarter GMs who have decided that their teams are sellers usually tend to trade off their commodities long before July 31st; at a time when they perceive that their player's value is at its highest.

The buyers will attempt to wait them out, seeking to force the sellers hand at the very last minute when they become desperate.

This is what happens on our ideal trading deadline day, and we've seen it happen in the recent past with iconic trades like the Red Sox dealings of Nomar Garciaparra and Manny Ramirez.

But because the Red Sox have a dynamic team and a potentially dominant core in place for the future, I very much doubt that Theo Epstein will be overly aggressive at this year's trading deadline.

Instead, I present to you five general managers who I think will be.

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