Michael Vick: Why the Eagles QB Isn't a Lock for the 2011 Pro Bowl

TCorrespondent IIIJuly 4, 2011

Michael Vick: Why the Eagles QB Isn't a Lock for the 2011 Pro Bowl

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    Michael Vick's resurgence in 2010 was amazing to say the least. 

    However, can Vick repeat his phenomenal performance in 2011?

    Common sense says no, but will he reach Pro Bowl status next season?

    While it remains a possibility, it will be difficult for Michael Vick to return to the Pro Bowl for a second consecutive season in 2011.

Defenses Have Figured out Vick

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    As the 2010 season wore on, defenses figured out better ways to game plan against Vick.

    Take away his ability to roll to his left and Vick was neutralized from buying enough time to unload a pass deep downfield.

    If Vick can counter this approach, he will be successful again in 2011.

    However, its this seemingly simple approach that changed Vick's impact from extraordinary to minimal.


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    Vick will never change his style of play.

    He is the prototypical scrambling quarterback with the talent and ability to turn a defense on its heels.

    However, Vick showed flashes of becoming a complete quarterback in 2010.

    The instinct to run is there and very prevalent in his game.

    With that instinct to fly up the field with his exceptional speed comes the risk of turnovers and, of course, injury.

    Vick's discipline could be his downfall in 2011.


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    As stated in the previous slide, Vick is injury prone.

    It comes with the territory of being a mobile quarterback.

    If Vick can remain relatively healthy, he can be contender for the Pro Bowl.

    However, with his reckless abandon style of play it is far from a given that he will escape a season with a clean bill of health.

Offensive Line Protection

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    The Eagles have upgraded their offensive line with the addition of draft pick Danny Watkins at right guard.

    However, the right tackle position is up for grabs between a trio that could include Winston Justice, King Dunlap, and Austin Howard.

    If one of those three steps up to take over the duty of protecting Vick's blind side, number 7 will return to Honolulu for a return visit.

    However, if that threesome becomes a carousel, Vick will be in a world of hurt as he is forced to runs for his life nearly ever snap.


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    Michael Vick is an electrifying player, there is no questioning that.

    However, this new Michael Vick that the world saw in 2010 could easily be an aberration, a red herring.

    This is the same quarterback who ran wild in Atlanta, but was one of the most inaccurate passers in the league.

    In 2010, he combined his natural athletic talent with a strong arm capable of making all the throws to become a complete quarterback.

    However, a year removed from the ever glow of the rebirth of Michael Vick, the quarterback, there remains doubt as to whether he can stay the course or will regress back into the human video game he once was, minus the positive results.

    If that regression occurs, Vick will not be as beloved as he was in 2010 and may find himself searching for that new identity as a player once again.