Roddy White Says Clay Matthews Should Not Be So High in Fan Rankings

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Roddy White Says Clay Matthews Should Not Be So High in Fan Rankings
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It started after the top 10 of NFL Network's Top 100 Players of 2011 were counted down on Sunday, and the network announced the results from the fan poll along with player voting.

The fans ranked Clay Matthews as the fifth-best player in the NFL. I personally think this is way too high also, but that is besides the point. Here is what Roddy said on Twitter:

roddywhiteTV Roddy White

The fans put clay Mathews at 5 wow don't they know he like the 5th best pass rusher in the league

Roddy White

I'm not mad but my guy gets no love and he is by far a way better pass rusher than clay @johnabraham55 can't be blocked and is (cont…

Roddy White

 …cont) always blocked by the best offensive lineman the left tackle and never goes against backs

roddywhiteTV Roddy White

Clay Mathews has a motor that's all no moves not a natural pass rusher great 3-4 guy though but can't line up like ware peppers (cont…

Roddy White

…cont) freeney John or Suggs and rush the passer

Roddy White

My top 5 pass rushers ware peppers Allen Abraham freeney

I forgot my boy Jared Allen he better than clay to

Later that night Clay Matthews tweeted this:

ClayMatthews52 Clay Matthews III

Let sleeping dogs lie

Bored, and feeling like an instigator, I tweeted this and wrote this up for you all.

ryanthebroker Ryan

"@ClayMatthews52: Let sleeping dogs lie" yeah @roddywhiteTV ; )

Is this a huge scandal or what? 

No, but I thought it was funny and worth sharing. Look for a little extra drama in the Green Bay, Atlanta match up this year.

No. 5 or not, If I were Roddy White, I may stay away from the slant pattern.

Happy Fourth of July, Americans!

Thanks for reading!

Please join me on Twitter  @ryanthebroker.

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