Miami Dolphins: Acquiring Kyle Orton and 7 Offseason Moves They Should Make

Cory FeinbergContributor IIIJuly 5, 2011

Miami Dolphins: Acquiring Kyle Orton and 7 Offseason Moves They Should Make

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    Remember that?

    That's when Brandon Marshall and Kyle Orton worked together and formed a relationship in Denver, which resulted in Brandon Marshall being labeled as a Top-Three receiver in the NFL and attending the Pro Bowl.

    In 2010, the Miami Dolphins  were expecting similar production out of Marshall and the entire team; however, the team could not pull through and had a 7-9 record for the second season in a row.

    When (if) the NFL emerges from the Lockout with a new CBA in place, many teams will be quick to start improving their team through free agency and trades: The Dolphins need to be one of these teams if they plan to have success in the 2011 season.

    Let's look at 7 offseason moves the Miami Dolphins should make as we approach the 2011 NFL Season.

Sign DeAngelo Williams

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    DeAngelo Williams is one of the hottest names on the market, mainly due to his stellar 2008 performance (18 touchdowns while averaging 5.5 yards per run). Additionally, he has expressed interest in signing with Miami.

    DeAngelo struggled this past year due to an injury, a banged-up offensive line, and an unstable quarterback situation.

    Williams would serve as an interesting compliment to the Dolphins' rookie Daniel Thomas. If Thomas can learn to become more of a physical, lower-the-shoulder type of runner, and Williams continues to use his speed and agility, they could become the best tandem in the NFL.

Trade for Kyle Orton

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    In Denver, Kyle Orton has always managed to put up great numbers. For example, he has 41 touchdowns to his 21 interceptions. Also, he has thrown on average 3728 yards per season (keep in mind he has not started every game in Denver).

    Even with all of this success, Orton still hasn't been able to win a lot in Denver, and Josh McDaniels could be the reason for this. Orton can't seem to win in his system and have a great relationship with Brandon Marshall.

    If the Dolphins trade for Kyle Orton, he could work with a new coaching staff and could re-unite with Brandon Marshall.

Sign Pat Devlin

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    According to this article, the Dolphins would currently have on their roster two quarterbacks: Chad Henne and Kyle Orton. If you haven't noticed yet from reading my other articles, I'm not a huge fan of Chad Henne.

    The quarterback is the most important position on the field, so it would make sense that the Dolphins offseason revolves around the position (especially considering we didn't address it during the draft).

    Pat Devlin is a project. Although he has good size, a fairly accurate rocket arm, and a quick release, he holds onto the ball for an extremely long time.

    However, with proper coaching and veteran leadership, Devlin could develop into an elite quarterback in the NFL.

Cut Ronnie Brown

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    Ever since Ronnie Brown was drafted in 2005, and even in his collegiate years, he was unable to carry the entire load of an offensive rushing attack.

    At age 29, Brown has already reached his prime in 2008, and it doesn't look like significant improvement will be seen in the upcoming years.

    Furthermore, now that the Wildcat has become extinct, he would play little to no role in the Dolphins' offense.

    However much money Ronnie Brown asks for in his new contract, it will be too much.

Sign Kevin Boss

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    Kevin Boss is everything Tony Sparano looks for in a tight end: He is a blocker first, and a receiver second.

    Many will argue that Boss is too similar to Anthony Fasano, and that he would be a waste of a signing; however, although they both possess similar blocking skills, Boss presents more potential as a receiver.

    Kevin Boss hauled in five touchdowns in 2010 while averaging 15.2 yards per catch, while Fasano brought in four touchdowns while averaging 13.5 yards per catch.

    Overall, Kevin Boss would be a great complimentary tight end along side Anthony Fasano and would be an even better signing.

Re-Sign Ricky Williams

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    For Dolphins' fans, Ricky Williams' career has been nothing short of a nightmare. Shortly after being trading for four draft picks for him (including two first-round picks), Williams shocked the football world and entered into retirement.

    It set the franchise back for years.

    On the bright side, Williams returned to the NFL in 2007 and proved to not have an empty tank. Even at his current age of 34, he still is running hard.

    A cheap contract back to Miami would prove to be beneficial, especially to our rookie running back Daniel Thomas, who he could mentor on how to transition into the NFL (and hopefully teach him nothing else).

Sign Manny Lawson

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    The Dolphins don't need to focus much on defense during this year's free agency, and that can be seen through the fact that I think Manny Lawson is the only defensive player that should be targeted.

    The Dolphins have a lot of defensive backs and lineman that can play at a professional level and make an impact; on the other hand, their linebacker position seems to be lacking.

    Lawson had great production this past year, which can be seen through his 48 tackles, 2.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, and 11 passes defended. He could definitely have an immediate impact on the Dolphins linebacker core.

    In conclusion, these seven manageable offseason moves could have an incredible impact on the Dolphins season, and if they are accomplished, could allow the Dolphins to be a sleeper team in 2011 to make the playoffs.