NFL Trade Speculation: 5 Teams with the Most to Offer on the Trading Block

Jason KarlAnalyst IIIJune 30, 2011

NFL Trade Speculation: 5 Teams with the Most to Offer on the Trading Block

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    The NFL lockout seems to be nearing the end after over 100 days, meaning free agency and trades would be upon us shortly.

    There are some marquee names at every position on the trading block this upcoming offseason. A handful of teams have more than one contributing player on the block who could significantly help another team's postseason hopes.

    Here's a look at five teams with the most to offer:

Washington Redskins

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    Can Donovan McNabb be any worse than he was in 2010 for the Redskins?

    He struggled with his accuracy, even though that has always been his major flaw. If a team is looking for a veteran quarterback, McNabb could be the way to go. He would also come cheap considering the 'Skins will not have him back and his age.

    With a team with weapons like Minnesota, McNabb could succeed and showcase his big arm.

    The Redskins though seem to be done with defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth's antics and will be looking for a trade partner for his services.

    When motivated, Haynesworth is arguably the best pass-rushing force in the league.

    Haynesworth for the past couple of years has not played motivated for the Redskins. In fact, he refused to practice and was incensed over the switch to a 3-4. A change of scenery would be best for both parties.

Carolina Panthers

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    Steve Smith seems to have lost a step and the wear on his body is starting to take a toll.

    Smith wants to play for a contender and the Panthers want to see that happen also.

    On the field, Smith is as tough as they come, and refuses to be overlooked because of his size. For a team looking for leadership, Smith would be perfect.

    Not only is the Panthers star receiver likely to be traded, the team's starting quarterback last year Jimmy Clausen will probably be considered as a trading chip.

    Clausen still has great potential, even if he epically failed under the helm last year.

    With a great quarterback coach, like he had in college with Charlie Weis, Clausen can showcase his great arm and solid accuracy.

Cincinnati Bengals

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    The Bengals want to keep Carson Palmer, but his unwillingness to stay in Cincinnati will finally coerce the Bengals into trading him.

    Palmer is an experienced quarterback who could be a solid leader for any young team looking for a bridge to their successor.

    One of Palmer's favorite targets will be as good as gone. Chad Ochocinco will certainly be traded especially after the drafting of A.J. Green and the improvement of Jerome Simpson.

    While Ochocinco has an attitude on and off the field, he can still be a play-maker as a result of his great speed.

    With great route-running ability, Ochocinco can technically dismantle a young cornerback.

    On the field, teams tend to shadow Ochocinco and for good reason; he still has the ability to run past everyone on the field.

Green Bay Packers

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    The Packers boast two players who have Pro Bowl potential on the trading block with running back Ryan Grant and middle linebacker Nick Barnett.

    Would anyone ever consider Ryan Grant to be an elite back? No, but he certainly gets the job done in the backfield.

    Grant suffered a season-ending injury last year and the Packers seem ready to make James Starks the featured back along with third-round pick Alex Green.

    Grant would provide a solid mainstay at running back and could put together a solid overall season behind a good offensive line.

    A team with running back woes should give the Packs a call.

    If Nick Barnett can stay healthy, then a team acquiring his services could receive a Pro Bowl talent at middle linebacker. He is a run stuffer and is fluid in coverage.

    The problem is Barnett is 29 and rarely ever finishes the season.

    The Packers defense went on without him and proved his existence on the team was not needed during their Super Bowl run.

New York Giants

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    The Giants may have to trade star defensive end Osi Umenyiora who is a Pro Bowl caliber pass rusher, but his recent comments directed against the Giants brass could leave him in hot water.

    Umenyiora was a true playmaker at defensive end with 10 forced fumbles and 11.5 sacks.

    Teams who need an upgrade at pass rush will have to offer a few draft picks for the 29 year old Umenyiora.

    Umenyiora is not the only Giant on the block. With a large contract Brandon Jacobs could be traded as he was not as effective in goal-line carries as a backup to Ahmad Bradshaw.

    The Giants are in a great position at corner, but with the recent drafting of Prince Amukamara, they may feel inclined to trade either Corey Webster or Aaron Ross. Webster is currently a starter and Ross is a disappointing backup, who had a great start to his career before injuries occured.