Green Bay Packers: The 6 Defining Plays of the 2010 Season

Matt SmithContributor IIIJune 29, 2011

Green Bay Packers: The 6 Defining Plays of the 2010 Season

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    Defining plays. Every team has those plays that sums up a theme or feeling throughout the season.

    The Packers played their fair share of games and went through both shocking and relieving moments.

    With the extended season through the playoffs, there were more than enough noteworthy moments during the Packers' Super Bowl run.

    But there were only six of them that truly defined the season for the Green Bay Packers.

Ryan Grant's Injury

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    The injury occurs on a running play at :38.

    Ryan Grant's injury defined the season in several ways.

    First, you have the lack of a running game which was foreshadowed by this injury. Grant had run for over 1,200 yards the previous two seasons.

    Then, you also have the substantial amount of injuries the Packers' players accumulated, which was well noted throughout the season.

    The injury to Ryan Grant defined the lack of a running game and the injury bug that was soon to come.

Aaron Rodgers' Concussion vs. Lions

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    The second of the concussions Aaron Rodgers suffered, this one would end up putting him out a week.

    Like the injury to Ryan Grant, this is another example of a star player going down.

    While the first concussion to Rodgers was bad enough, it reminds you how severe concussions are.

    The NFL has been cracking down on head injuries because of what they can do to a player after his career.

    Though we may not like to think about it too much, a few more blows to the head and Green Bay's QB might not return.

Graham Gano's Game Winning Field Goal

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    Skip to 3:05 to see the winner.

    An odd statistic for the Packers is that they never trailed by more than seven points at any time during the season.

    Ten games during the Packers' 2010 season were decided by seven points or less.

    There were many tight games that could've gone either way; it just turned out that on this play Green Bay ended up on the wrong end of a game-winning field goal.

Donald Drivers' Amazing Touchdown Catch

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    This was an absolutely fantastic play and one of the best the season had to offer.

    A tight game was broken open by a veteran who was sick at the time.

    It looks as though Driver should've gotten tackled about six different times, once by his own player as well.

    It even looks as though he'll get pushed out of bounds short, but a tackler who failed previously comes back and ends up bumping him into the end zone.

    Out of all the great plays on the season, this was probably the best.

Jarrett Bush Super Bowl Interception

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    When players went down as often as they did for the Super Bowl Champions, you better hope you've got depth on your squad.

    Well, the Packers did have depth and that's one of the reasons they were able to win their 13th title.

    Though they weren't out at the time, top corners Charles Woodson and Sam Shields got injured. This paved the way for Jarrett Bush, a special teams captain and backup cornerback, to make a big play.

    Like many buried down on the depth chart had done earlier, Jarrett Bush made a great play for someone who doesn't play too often. 

Tramon Williams Finishes the Season off Right

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    The season came down to this play.

    Fourth-and-5, if Green Bay can get a stop here, then the game is over. If Pittsburgh converts, they have about 50 seconds and a timeout to march 60 yards down field.

    Though it initially looks like there may have been some contact, no flag is drawn and the Packers win.

    Throughout the season, the defensive backs played extraordinarily well.

    It was only fitting that the play that gave the Packers another championship was made by a member of the secondary.