MLB Trade Rumors: 6 Outfield Trade Targets for Philadelphia Phillies

TCorrespondent IIIOctober 26, 2016

MLB Trade Rumors: 6 Outfield Trade Targets for Philadelphia Phillies

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    I know the Phillies need a right handed bat who can play a corner outfield position, but Andre Ethier is an intriguing option.

    However, this is pure speculation based on the factors surrounding the Dodgers' money woes. 

    If LA decides to shed salary, Ethier is a candidate to be moved.

    Ethier is a consistent hitter, something the Phillies need from either side of the plate.

Josh Willingham

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    Willingham makes sense because he is affordable for an organization like the Phillies, who are up against the luxury tax.

    Willingham has some more power but not enough that he is an irresistible addition to this lineup. 

    Against lefties, Willingham is batting a dismal .211.  For a sorely needed right-handed presence, Willingham is nearing the bottom of the list of potential targets. 

Ryan Ludwick

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    High risk, high reward is what the Phillies would have to take on if they acquire Ryan Ludwick.

    Ludwick has the power potential to have a great impact on this line-up.  However, he strikes out way too often for an offense that sees its fair share of strikeouts from its clean-up hitter.

    Trading for Ludwick would be at the buyer's own risk.

Jeff Francoeur

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    The same goes for Francoeur as it did for Ludwick.

    High amount of strikeouts, but the potential is there for significant production at the plate.

    Batting .264 with ten HRs and 46 RBI so far, he has thrived in Kansas City.

Carlos Beltran

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    This would be the desperation move to beat all desperation moves for GM Ruben Amaro Jr.

    The Mets are looking to dump salary amidst their money woes.

    Beltran is not what he was three or four years ago in the field, but he can still produce at an average level at the plate. 

Matt Kemp

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    As is the case with Ethier, Kemp could be a candidate to be dealt in a fire sale by the Dodgers.

    The enigmatic Kemp has all the tools to be a superstar in this league, but his habit of taking games off and not giving a full effort have given him a bad reputation.

    Perhaps, a change of scenery to a team that is destined to contend for the playoffs and beyond would change Kemp's attitude.