49ers Harbaugh Makes Playoffs with Preparation of Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick

Mike WalkerContributor IIIJune 22, 2011

The Eyes Of Jim Harbaugh
The Eyes Of Jim HarbaughEzra Shaw/Getty Images

The 49ers Jim Harbaugh will make NFL playoffs with complete preparation of Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick and the entire 49ers Coaching Staff.

Jim Harbaugh preparation will lead the 49ers back into the NFL playoffs with two new quarterbacks running his “West Coast” style offense in the upcoming season. 

Harbaugh had a meeting with Alex Smith and took a look at the film from previous seasons and immediately made a decision that this guy is an NFL quarterback. He’s had the short end of the stick over the years by being forced to learn a new offense from seven different offensive coordinators, and only one kept the offense over consecutive seasons.

Smith gave Harbaugh all the right answers during their interviews, and he decided to stay with the 49ers because Harbaugh's system is a quarterback driven offense that he’s been waiting to run.  He’ll have a chance to show his complete skills and why the 49ers chose him, and not the Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers, with the number one pick in 2005.

Smith will be a new quarterback under Harbaugh because the preparation each week will have open dialogue, and he’ll be given the opportunity to give his input on the game plan each week. This is something he never had a chance to do under his previous coordinators.

Colin Kaepernick is a young bright quarterback who has the “it factor” that Harbaugh was looking for in a quarterback. He’s someone who possesses the tools that you don’t teach on the field, but brings it to the table when he arrives at training camp.

Harbaugh put the young quarterback in a throwing contest to see how he responds under pressure with the game on the line. He wanted to see the mobility, live whip in his throwing motion and the heart that it takes to be a successful quarterback in the NFL.

It’s hard to believe that the statistical numbers Kaepernick tallied at Nevada will transition into a successful NFL career because he competed against lesser competition each week.

He completed 740 passes out of 1,271 attempts for 10,098 yards and 82 touchdowns. He rushed for 4,112 yards and scored 59 touchdowns, which means he’s the type of player who can make plays on the field with his mobility and will lead by example.

Kaepernick was a business management major and a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, which will play a big role in his ability to manage the 49ers' complicated play book. He’ll have the complete understanding that he’s now joining a fraternity of men, going to war in the NFL each week as a fraternity and a brotherhood.

The NFL lockout will benefit the 49ers coaching staff and Harbaugh’s preparation to get the team ready to hit the ground running when the players walk through the door in a few weeks assuming the NFL lockout ends.

He's chosen coaches who are film junkies and all of them have been reviewing tape on each position to see if the will fit the new 49ers scheme, which will be implemented in the upcoming season.

They understand that this is not University of Stanford football, but if they get the intelligent players who are willing to be managed, as well as study and prepare for their game-plan scheme each week, they’ll provide the strategic preparation to win. 

The Harbaugh system has proven itself in college that it’s more than capable of leading the 49ers into the playoffs, and it will build a sustaining 49ers winning tradition for many years.

The right people are in the right places on the coaching staff, and 49ers will regain the structure it had in the 80’s and 90’s that produced five Super Bowl victories. The players' leadership won the Super Bowls, and the coaches implemented the strategies for them to be successful..

Harbaugh is having sleepless nights until he's satisfied that he's set the bar of preparation higher than the players have seen from previous coaches in recent years. The quarterbacks will be required to be the first ones in the building and the last to leave. The leadership of Harbaugh comes through the eyes, and not through the mouth, which means the quarterbacks must be prepared to be analytical when making decisions in the locker room, during media sessions and on game day.

The quarterbacks are going into a deep water of preparation because now they’ll be responsible for teaching the entire 49ers playbook, and communicating the schemes of each defensive coordinator they’ll face each week.

They’ll go into deeper depth and be forced to learn all 11 defensive opponents player position names, their tendencies and how they like to play from a down and distance perspective. This type of preparation will eliminate the yelling between the head coach and his quarterbacks and instill the confidence needed for them to be successful.

The 49ers will make the playoffs in the upcoming season, and the new quarterbacks will become the souls of the franchise.

They’ll both have to be ready to play and Smith will get the starting nod at the beginning of the season, but Kaepernick will do more than hold a clipboard, because if Smith goes down the 49ers won’t miss a beat. The rookie will be equally prepared to step in and play to keep the 49ers train rolling