Gary Bettman Or Bud Selig? Who Has Caused More Harm To Their Sport?

Andrew MasonCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2008

Bud Selig once again has caused problems.  He has incurred the fury of many major league baseball fans by making a highly controversial ruling.

He suspended a potential clinching game in the World Series after allowing the team that was losing to tie it up.

Instead of ending it in the fifth or letting the Phillies at least bat in the sixth he decided to end the game after allowing Tampa to tie it.

I was at the game so I can say this:  the rain did not get drastically harder from the top of the fifth to mid of the sixth.  In fact when Tampa finally pulled Scott Kazmir after throwing 100+ pitches in just 4 and 2/3 innings the grounds crew had to redo the infield.  Was that not a hint that perhaps they should call the game?

But nope Bud decided to keep going and let the Rays tie the game and then call it.

I believe he made the right call in not allowing the Phillies to win because of a rain delay.  That would have cheapened Philadelphia's first major championship in 25 years.  However he made the wrong call in not finishing the inning.

Then there is the infamous all-star game that he stopped after the teams ran out of pitchers.  He has also been the Commissioner in steroids run rampant in his sport right under his nose.  His two saviors from the 1998 season, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, have come under for steroids.  As well as the all-time leader in home runs.

So I have nominated Bud Selig in the election of Worst Commissioner in Sports to challenge the incumbent.

The incumbent is none other than the fantastic NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

He has caused just as much damage to his sport possibly.  He let the NHL get to an unprecedented level: Lockout an entire season.  The only time in over the 100 year history of professional North American leagues to lockout a season due to labor contracts.

He has tried expanding to NHL markets that just do not work. Examples include: Atlanta, Nashville, and Florida.  Phoenix looks like it is trying to turn it around.

He let ESPN dump their contract.  ESPN has contracts for World Series of Poker, Strongman competition, Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest, etc.  But they decided they do not want hockey and Gary Bettman let it get that way.

So instead he decided to sign with the Outdoor Life Network that has changed into VS.  They show approximately 54 games per year but sometimes more and the first three rounds of the playoffs plus the first two games of the finals.  However not that many people get the VS. channel so it has severely crippled the NHL TV audience.

All NHL fans can pretty much agree with me that Gary Bettman has hurt the sport severely and has set it back.

But who do you think is worse?  The imcumbent Gary Bettman or challenger Bud Selig?