Matt Holliday's Market Is Open, Doesn't Mean the NY Mets Will Get Him

Dominick DiFucciAnalyst IOctober 27, 2008

As I mentioned in a earlier post last week, the Rockies are looking to trade Matt Holliday. They are looking to get a pitching prospect that can develop in a No. 2 starter.

That leaves Jon Niese and Robert Parnell as two candidates the Mets can use as chips to get involved in the talks for Holliday. The Mets do not want to depart with Niese, whom the Mets have high hopes for him. They think he can develop into an Andy Pettitte type, plus they want him to try to make the rotation in the spring.

Robert Parnell is another pitcher that has potential, who was a starter in the minors. His future may rely on if the Mets think he may fill some need in the bullpen next year. He might be the one expendable if the Mets find other parts to fill bullpen roles.

The Mets have another prospect that they can give, Fernando Martinez, whom many think can serve as a regular in the outfield. In previous stints with the Mets in Spring Training, he looked like he could be the real deal. But injuries nagged him most of the year, and he did not see any major-league time because of it. He is not a pitcher, but he could be included in a deal to replace Holliday in the Rockies' young lineup, if the Mets desired so.

The question remains: Do the Mets need a Matt Holliday? They have a need for a right-handed bat, especially in left field. Holliday is a .319 career hitter and has proven himself worthy, as one of the N.L.'s elite outfielder. Holliday is coming into his prime, but the Mets must also take into consideration that he has hit in Colorado, and his numbers might drop dramatically away from Colorado's high elevations.

He will also demand a high price tag as he approaches free agency in 2010. He would want something similar to what Mark Teixeira is looking at this year: 10 years, $200 million.

The Mets can't afford to rent a player for one year and give up top prospects on top of it, especially pitching. The Mets would have to secure him beyond 2009 to make this a deal for him...Just like what they did with Johan Santana.

Here are Holliday's Career Home/Away Numbers:


Numbers don't lie, but no one knows what type of a hitters park Citi Field will be...But it won't be Coors Field , that's for sure..

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