Yorvit Torrealba: What This Texas Ranger Should Know About Stealing Signs

Daniel MorrillCorrespondent IJune 16, 2011

Yorvit Torrealba accused Andruw Jones of stealing signs during Wednesday night's loss to the Yankees.
Yorvit Torrealba accused Andruw Jones of stealing signs during Wednesday night's loss to the Yankees.Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Texas Rangers catcher Yorvit Torrealba accused New York Yankees outfielder Andruw Jones of stealing signs from second base Wednesday night.

This just in: a major league catcher doesn’t know how to give multiple signs.

Rangers’ starter Derek Holland was roughed up by the Yankees last night, giving up six runs in just five innings.  During a mound visit in the fifth inning, Torrealba yelled at Jones, who was on second base at the time.

Torrealba later said that he might be wrong about Jones stealing signs and giving pitch locations, but he decided to say something anyway.

Get over it Yorvit and learn what 15-year-old catcher knows: you give multiple signs when there is a runner on second base.

Stealing signs has been around since baseball began.  Its not against the rules and if a catcher or third base coach is foolish enough not to disguise their signs, they deserve to have them stolen.

New York hit two home runs off of Holland and went on to hit three more before the night was over.  Jones said that Torrealba was just making excuses and that if a pitcher leaves pitches out over the plate, they are going to get hit.

Maybe Torrealba was just frustrated and made the excuse of the Yankees stealing signs to protect his pitcher.  I certainly hope so, because if he honestly is upset about a major league baseball player picking up on the fact that one finger down means fastball, then baseball is losing what makes it more than just players chasing a ball and running around a 810 square foot square.

Torrealba’s complaint is even more embarrassing because he is a catcher.  He have mastered the “game within the game,” and should be the one stealing signs from the other team.

With all that said, Torrealba has 14 hits in his last 30 at bats.  Pretty good for someone who obviously isn’t having pitches tipped to him.