MLB Trade Deadline: Starlin Castro and 6 Others the Chicago Cubs Shouldn't Move

Daniel MorrillCorrespondent IJune 16, 2011

MLB Trade Deadline: Starlin Castro and 6 Others the Chicago Cubs Shouldn't Move

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    While the trade deadline is still a ways away, if the Chicago Cubs season keeps heading in the same direction, the team will eventually have a fire sale.

    The Cubs need to begin rebuilding with prospects as they wait for big contracts to slowly come off the books.

    The Cubs have more than a few players that could help out contending teams, but there are seven current Cubbies that should keep wearing the red and blue through at least the end of this season.

7: Jeff Baker

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    Baker has shown tremendous improvements at the plate this season.  While he still struggles against right-handers, Baker is hitting .500 (23-46) this year against southpaws.  His ability to play anywhere on the infield and also play outfield make him an intriguing utility man for contending teams.

    But the Cubs should hold onto Baker, as he could eventually blossom into an everyday utility man.  As he continues to improve against right-handed pitchers, Baker could work his way around the field each week, giving everyday players a day off and essentially playing everyday himself.  He’s also a great pinch-hitting option of the bench for future years.

6: Kerry Wood

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    Let’s be honest, Kerry Wood isn’t a part of the Cubs future.  The injuries are piling up and, in a few years, he will cease to be effective out of the bullpen.

    With that being said, the Cubs shouldn’t trade Wood at the deadline this year, even though teams will likely ask if he is healthy.  Though he has played for a few other teams the past few years, Wood will always be a Cub and a fan favorite. 

    He’s given his arm and his career to the Cubs organization, and it would be a disservice to the veteran for the Cubs to deal him after he took less money to come back to the Cubs this offseason.

    In a day and age where loyalty is almost obsolete, the Cubs should respect one of the players who has given his undying loyalty to the organization and keep him in house.

5: Sean Marshall

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    Marshall is one of the best homegrown pitchers in recent memory.  Left handed relievers that get out right handed hitters as well as Marshall does don’t come around very often.

    While many teams will likely inquire about the 28-year-old, Marshall is still under contract through next year and can be a big part of the Cubs long term plans in the bullpen.

4: Darwin Barney

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    Barney is a candidate for rookie of the year.  Solid defensively, some have speculated that he and Starlin Castro should swap positions.

    The second baseman has a ton of potential and continues to improve on offense and pick up big hits, and should be considered untouchable this trade deadline.

3: Matt Garza

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    The Cubs didn’t trade for Garza just to help them this year, he is a long term investment.  The right hander’s true value is in the playoffs and was acquired to be the big game pitcher that Chicago has lacked in recent years.

    The Cubs gave up far too much for Garza to trade him yet.  While he will probably never be a No. 1 starter, Garza still has tremendous value in Chicago going forward. 

2: Carlos Marmol

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    Teams are definitely going to ask, the Cubs didn’t sign Marmol through 2014 to trade him away.

    The devastating right hander will be closing out games for the Cubs for a while.

1: Starlin Castro

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    He’s not going anywhere.

    In just his second year in the league, Castro is one of the budding offensive players in major league baseball.  His defense needs work, but he will continue to improve over time.  The Cubs will look for Castro and Darwin Barney to mature together, much like Shawn Dunston and Ryne Sandberg did.

    Castro is young, exciting and marketable.  He will be manning shortstop at Wrigley Field for years to come.