MLB Rankings: 10 Best-Hitting Pitching Staffs in the National League

Michael MagoulisCorrespondent IJune 9, 2011

MLB Rankings: 10 Best-Hitting Pitching Staffs in the National League

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    Without a designated hitter, baseball is played much differently in the National League. Managers often need to consider pulling pitchers in important offensive situations, rather than when they are failing on the mound. Pitchers will work around batters in order to face the opposing pitcher because they are often an easy out.

    With the average pitcher hitting just .091 in baseball, it easy to see why getting to the No. 9 hitter is a big relief for most pitchers.

    Still, there are a few pitching staffs in the National League that have proved to be dangerous both on the mound and at the plate. 

10. Colorado Rockies

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    Despite their .138 batting average, Colorado Rockies pitchers have managed to gather 22 total bases—seventh in baseball—in addition to 7 RBI and 6 runs.

    Their two most impressive hitting pitchers have been Jorge De La Rosa with his five hits and three RBI and Jason Hammel who has four hits, including one home run, with three RBI of his own. 

9. Chicago Cubs

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    There is one reason and one reason only that the Chicago Cubs are on this list and that is Carlos Zambrano, who is one of the best hitting pitchers in baseball. He is in first amongst all pitchers this season in hits with nine and total bases with 14. He also has all four of the staff's RBI with an astounding .321 average.

    Despite his presence, the combined team average is just .138. 

8. Washington Nationals

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    Although the Washington Nationals have just a .138 batting average and only 17 total bases amongst their pitchers, they've managed to accumulate 11 RBI—the second most in baseball.

    Their best hitting pitcher is easily Jason Marquis, whose 8 hits lead the staff. He also has 3 RBI and a .267 average. 

7. Cincinnati Reds

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    There's not much that's spectacular about the hitting of the Cincinatti Reds' pitchers, but as a staff, they are above what's expected. Their pitchers' .143 average is eight points above the National League average, and their 24 total bases is currently sixth in baseball.

    Although Travis Wood has their only home run, the best hitting pitchers this season on the Reds are Mike Leake (five hits, .238 average) and Bronson Arroyo (four hits, two doubles, and a .174 average).

6. Florida Marlins

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    The Florida Marlins' pitchers haven't had a single extra base hit this season, but they have accumulated 10 RBI and their .220 OBP is the second best in the National League.

    The Marlins don't have any stellar hitting pitchers, but Javier Vazquez and Chris Volstad have each picked up four hits a piece.

5. San Francisco Giants

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    While the San Francisco Giants only have a .151 average and 4 RBI amongst their pitchers, their 27 total bases is tied for second in the National League.

    This is because they've have more extra-base hits than any other team due to their eight doubles. They're also tied for the league lead in runs scored with 10.

    Jonathan Sanchez is clearly their best hitting pitcher with six hits—four of them doubles—and an RBI. Madison Bumgarner is a close second with four hits—two of them doubles—and three walks.

4. Arizona Diamondbacks

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    Although the .150 average amongst their pitching staff is sixth in the National League, the Arizona Diamondbacks have accumulated a league leading 13 RBI. They're also second in the league in slugging percentage with .230 due to their two home runs and three doubles.

    Daniel Hudson's .259 average leads the way for Arizona's pitchers. He has seven hits this season and his five RBI are the most of any pitcher in baseball. 

3. Milwaukee Brewers

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    Although the Milwaukee Brewers only have a .159 average amongst their pitching staff, their 29 total bases is the most in Major League Baseball.

    Lead by Yovani Gallardo's six hits, including a home run and three RBI, Milwaukee's pitchers have a combined .415 OPS and have scored 10 runs, which is tied for the most in the league.  

2. Philadelphia Phillies

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    The Philadelphia Phillies' pitching staff touts a .176 batting average—second best in the National League. Their 22 total hits are also the most in baseball.

    Cole Hamels has shown an impressive bat with eight hits and is the only pitcher in baseball with a triple in 2011. Despite striking out 11 times in 30 at-bats, Hamels has a .267 average with one RBI and one walk.

    Cliff Lee has also been able to help himself on the mound by doing well at the plate, adding five hits and three RBI of his own. 

1. Houston Astros

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    With a league leading .473 OPS, the Houston Astros' pitching staff also touts 8 RBI and 21 total hits.

    Their .194 average is also the best in the National League. Although there isn't much power behind their bats—only two doubles and one home run—they have a knack for getting on base.

    Clearly, the most dangerous bat in their pitching staff is J.A. Happ, who accounts for a third of their hits, including a double and a home run. He's even walked twice, accounting for his impressive .409 OBP. He also has an unbelievable .350 batting average and 4 RBI.