Detroit Lions: Massive RB Mikel Leshoure Impresses at Player Organized Workouts

Kyle GibbonsAnalyst IIIJune 8, 2011


Detroit’s players organized workouts at Birmingham Detroit Country Day on June 6th, 2011. This marked the team’s first exposure to former Illinois stand out Mikel Leshoure.

Teammates were immediately impressed with Mikel’s size.

"He's a big kid," quarterback Matthew Stafford said to "He's what I expected to see, which is good."

Detroit Lions wide receiver Derrick Williams said,

"He looks like he's a beast. He has that look. And when he was in college he was definitely someone to be afraid of. I wasn't on defense, but some of my guys at Penn State were like it was hard to tackle that guy.”

Power running backs are prominently featured in a majority of successful offensive game plans throughout the National Football League. As for Detroit’s recent short yardage insufficiency's Mikel Leshoure has been quoted in saying,

“That will change, that will change.”

A powerful statement that will most assuredly have Lions fans buzzing with anticipation come opening day.

Leshoure went to say,

"I definitely think we're going to be able to get third and 1s this year, even fourth and 1s if coach wants to call that. But I feel like I can get to the perimeter sometimes if I need to and stretch the field and be a complement to Jahvid. We're two different types of runners that will work good together."

At 6'0" and 233 pounds, Leshoure is a physical between the tackles short yardage monster.

From an outside perspective I think it’s imperative that rookies Mikel Leshoure and Titus Young continue to participate in team workouts that are considered by Lions players to be “Totally Voluntary.”

With so much emphasis placed on offensive production in 2011, it’s absolutely crucial that, especially during the lockout, Young and Leshoure get as much exposure to the Lions playbook as possible.

It is essential that Leshoure gets significant work with Stafford regarding situational blocking responsibilities in Detroit’s passing game.

I think that it’s fairly evident that Mikel Leshoure is dedicated in becoming a prolific element of a dangerous Detroit Lions offense.

The massive tattoo of the Detroit Lions logo and the date in which he was drafted speaks volumes.

"This is by far the biggest day of my life. I've accomplished a lot of things in my life, but to be drafted to the Detroit Lions is definitely the biggest step of my life, especially in my career," Leshoure said.