Chicago White Sox: Adam Dunn on Pace to Make Strikeout History

Chris MurphyAnalyst IJune 7, 2011

CHICAGO, IL - MAY 22:  Adam Dunn #32 of the Chicago White Sox  takes a swing against the Los Angeles Dodgers at U.S. Cellular Field on May 22, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. The White Sox defeated the Dodgers 8-3.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Look up strikeout and a picture of Adam Dunn pops up...seriously, it does.

Dunn has struck out 80 times in 54 games for the Chicago White Sox this season. If he had played all 62 games so far for the White Sox, he would have roughly 92 strikeouts, which would have him on pace for 240 strikeouts in the 162-game season, breaking Mark Reynolds' 2009 record of 223 strikeouts by 17 and Dunn's own career-high by 41. 

As of now, if Dunn plays the rest of the season, he is on pace for 209 strikeouts, which is good enough for third all-time for most strikeouts in a season.

Reynolds holds the top three spots all-time with 223 strikeouts in 155 games in 2009, 211 in 145 last season and 204 in 152 games in 2008.

Dunn is striking out 1.48 times per game he plays and every 2.8 plate appearances, which means if he plays 155 (like Reynolds in 2009) games he will strike out 230 times. If he plays 145 games (like Reynolds in 2010), he will strike out 215 times and if he plays 152 games (like Reynolds in 2008), he will strike out 225 times.

Now, it should be stated that Dunn holds the sixth (199 strikeouts), eighth (195 strikeouts) and ninth (194 strikeouts) spots on the top 10 season strikeouts list, but in those years, he averaged 41 home runs and 99 walks.

In 2011, he is on pace for 13 home runs (15 if he played in all 62 games) and 94 walks (108 if he had played in all 62 games).

Dunn's appendectomy, which caused him to miss six games, is the only thing that seems to be holding him back from strikeout history.

With 24 multi-strikeout games of the 54 he's appeared in, Dunn has the ability to make up for it.

Either way it looks as though he and Reynolds will be making up 7/10 of the top 10 strikeout seasons after this one.

Unfortunately for the White Sox, it will come with about 37 percent of the home runs and cost 100 percent of $12 million.

Perhaps Dunn can use some of that money to make himself a plaque.