Jacksonville Jaguars: Who Is the Best of All Time?

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJune 2, 2011

Jacksonville Jaguars: Who Is the Best of All Time?

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    They are only 16 years old and now able to legally drive the family car. But in that time, the Jaguars have put together some impressive teams, some impressive numbers and some impressive seasons.

    From 1999 when they blew away the NFL, only to fall three times to Tennessee in the AFC Championship game on their home turf, to the team last year that faced uncertainty at quarterback and head coach after week four, only to bounce back and contend for a playoff team - this is a franchise that continues to claw its way through the AFC South and the NFL in search of its first Super Bowl appearance and win.

    This is a look at some of the nest players who ever wore the teal and black...

Josh Scobee

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    His 59-yarder beat Indianapolis and helped the team stay in playoff contention.

    Scobee is accurate and clutch and has proven to be valuable for this team over his tenure and the teams place kicker.

Tom McManus

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    No one played football with as much passion as Tom McManus.

    He played linebacker at Boston College and was undrafted and then reunited with former college coach Tom Coughlin.

    McManus, a linebacker, was the kind of player that had to be forced off the field and was part of the 1999 drive toward a 14-2 record.

David Garrard

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    He was drafted to compete with Mark Brunell and wound up unseating Byron Leftwich.

    The starting quarterback for the Jaguars now faces a competition with rookie Blaine Gabbert in an effort to remain the starter past 2011.

Kevin Hardy

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    He was the team's 1996 top pick. Hardy was explosive and played with passion.

    While there was some debate whether Hardy was the right choice in the team's second draft, Hardy proved that his time in Jaguar teal was well worth it.

Kyle Brady

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    Brady could catch the football, but his best skill was playing like a third tackle on the line.

    Brady was taken by the Jets in 1995 in a surprise move, but proved to be a valuable asset once he signed with the Jaguars.

Brad Meester

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    He anchors the Jaguars line from the center spot.

    No lineman on the current team is as determined or tough as this veteran and with third-year tackles on each side of the line, Meester is the glue that holds things together.

Tony Brackens

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    Injuries cut his career short, but we could always say, "What if"?

    This lineman was fierce and brought a James Harrison-like attitude to the game and helped the Jaguars rushing game during their 1996-1999 run.

Marcedes Lewis

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    Lewis is finally showing his potential and was rewarded with a trip to the Pro Bowl last season.

    Big and fast, he has become a go-to option in the red zone for quarterback David Garrard.

Marcus Stroud

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    He and John Henderson stuck fear in offensive linemen.

    Fast, strong and constantly moving forward, Stroud was a major reason the Jaguars' interior defensive line was solid under head coach Jack Del Rio in his early years with the team.

Donovan Darius

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    Injuries and salary casualties cut his time with the Jaguars short.

    Darius could knock your head off and played like a ball-hawking defensive back, something the team currently lacks.

Keenan McCardell

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    He may have been more important to the Jaguars than Jimmy Smith.

    McCardell did the dirty work over the middle of the field and was one of the best possession receivers when he played the game.

Daryl Smith

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    He is just a consistent player that gets overlooked by post season awards and accolades.

    Smith is the glue of the Jaguars' linebackers and the only starter at the position expected to return this season.

John Henderson

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    When the Jaguars selected him out of Tennessee, they were looking at other linemen who could team with Marcus Stroud, one being Albert Haynesworth.

    The Jaguars made the right choice and Henderson and Stroud formed a vicious tandem the team lacks now.

Rashean Mathis

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    A hometown-product, Mathis is still with the team, but for how long?

    He has lost a step and played injured. But the Bethune Cookman product is the best defensive back to ever wear a Jaguars' jersey.

Maurice Jones-Drew

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    This choice could be higher but there is still many years in his future.

    Jones-Drew runs like a Sherman tank at opposing defenses and is a force catching the ball as well.

    He is always a threat to score when he touches the ball and is the focal point of the Jaguars' offense.

Jimmy Smith

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    The team is still trying to replace this original street free agent.

    He is one of the best receivers to ever grace the field, but off-season issues will likely keep him out of the Hall of Fame.

    Still the greatest pass catcher to play for the team.

Mark Brunell

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    The best to ever play the position for the Jaguars.

    At one time, he was considered the next Steve Young and his arm and legs helped the Jaguars to two AFC Championship games in his career.

Mike Hollis

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    He is the greatest special teams player ever in the club's history. He left as the team's all-time leading scorer.

    Was outspoken about not wanting to play for then head coach Tom Coughlin.

    Still one of the most liked players to ever play in Jacksonville.

Fred Taylor

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    He is one of the best running backs in NFL history. But not having a Super Bowl title and not playing for consistent teams may hurt his chances of Hall of Fame status.

    When Taylor was on and in his prime, there were few runners who could match his speed and drive. He is currently on the Patriots roster hoping to finally make it to the Super Bowl.

Tony Boselli

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    The first ever draft choice by the team in 1995. Injuries cut short his career and salary cap problems led to his being taken by Houston in the expansion draft.

    Boselli could block the best of them and his textbook play against the Bills' Bruce Smith in the 1996 playoffs is still talked about in Jaguars lore today.