Philadelphia Phillies: Charlie Manuel's Most Memorable Moments and Quotes

Adrian FedkiwAnalyst IIIJune 2, 2011

Philadelphia Phillies: Charlie Manuel's Most Memorable Moments and Quotes

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    His slang has a bit of a flair to it.  His grammatical proficiency isn't the best. The annunciations of certain words can get a bit peculiar.  But... Charlie Manuel wins baseball games.

    It's his life.

    He possesses remarkable patience, and knows the art of hitting.  He's a player's manager who sticks with his guys through thick and thin.

    The Phillies introduced Manuel as their new manager on November 4, 2004.

    As he stepped up to the podium to greet the media he stated...

    "I'm a baseball guy."

    "I hear guys say, 'Well, he's a lifer.  You know what I am? I'm a 24-hour-a-day baseball guy.  I live and sleep baseball."

    He's not afraid to speak his mind.


The Red Devil

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    Charlie Manuel did play five years in the majors, but his career flourished overseas in Japan.

    For the Yakult Swallows in 1977, Charlie "Aka Oni" (the Red Devil) Manuel hit .316 with 42 home runs and 97 RBI. 

    In the Swallows Championship winning season in 1978, Manuel hit .312 with 39 home runs and 103 RBI.

    Manuel won the Pacific League MVP in 1979 as he lead the Kinetsu Buffaloes to the pennant. He hit .324 with 37 home runs and 94 RBI.

    He's considered one of the best foreign non-Japanese players to ever play in Japan.  He finished with a .303 career-average with 181 home runs and 491 RBI.

    Manuel learned to speak Japanese, which has helped when So Taguchi and Tadahito Iguchi played for the Phillies.

    As for his MLB career, Manuel played for the Twins from 1969-1972, and Dodgers from 1974-1975.

    He never got a knack of the big leagues; his career average... just .198.



The 19-Inning Marathon

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    Charlie Manuel felt that when a positional player came on to pitch, it made a mockery of the game.

    As the bats got stone cold, the Reds and Phillies battled into the 18th inning and Philadelphia had no relievers left.

    Wilson Valdez came on in the 19th with his Kendrick-esque 88-MPH sinker.  He retired the meat of the Reds lineup in order.   He picked up the first win by a position player since Babe Ruth in 1921.

    Check out Manuel's comments from the game here.


It's Not Old School, It's Good School

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    When people reference "old school" baseball; it's how the game is supposed to be played.

    In a 2008 game, Chase Utley knocked National catcher Jesus Flores out of a game when Utley charged home plate.  Flores hung on and made the out.

    Charlie Manuel commented on Utley's aggressive base-running...



Kyle Kendrick Traded to Japan?

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    Brett Myers, Ruben Amaro Jr., Charlie Manuel and others joined in on a prank on starting pitcher Kyle Kendrick.  They convinced Kendrick that he had been traded to Japan.

    Calmly and cooly, Manuel, Myers and Amaro had Oscar-Like performances. 




Charlie's Bobblehead

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    Charlie Manuel likes to prank, but his players like to counter.

    There's tremendous comradery amongst the Phillies club house.  Experience and team chemistry pays off in postseason play.


Charlie Manuel Coors Light Commercial

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    Due to the success of the Phillies and Manuel's witty personality, he's benefited from some on-screen cameos.

    Here's good old Charlie in a Coors Light commercial.

Manuel After the 2009 World Series Loss

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    Ken Rosenthal interviewed Manuel after the Yankees just defeated the Phillies in six games of the 2009 World Series.

    His left-handed hitters struggled against the left-handed pitchers of the Yankees.

    A year later, the left-handed hitters of the Phillies struggled against the Giants lefty specialists.


Manuel Comments on Halladay's Playoff No-Hitter

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    Manuel speaks of Halladay's remarkable accomplishment.

    Two no-hitters in the same season!

Conquering Space Mountain

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    In order to get to Space Mountain, you have to conquer it.

    And in order to be the best, you have to beat the best.

    The Phillies were the reigning two-time NL Champs heading into the 2010 NLCS.

    The Giants beat the best the National League had to offer.

    Their starting duo of Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain were fantastic.  Cody Ross and Juan Uribe had some very timely hitting.  Brian Wilson led the bullpen.

    So, for the Phillies to be the best, they have to beat the Giants in 2011.

This Is for Philadelphia

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    Charlie Manuel's managerial career began with the Cleveland Indians in 2000.  He won 90-plus games in two-of-three years in Cleveland; 90 in 2000 and 91 in 2001.

    He had a career 220-190 mark in Cleveland.

    In his fourth season in Philadelphia, Manuel found triumph in 2008 by guiding the Phillies to their first World Championship since 1980.

    With the Phillies, Manuel (as of June 1, 2011) has a 578-450 record

    After the World Series win, Manuel and 1980 Phillies manager Dallas Green had a little chat.  Green is a senior advisor to the General Manager.

    Greene had this to say...

    "People think this is a piece of cake, and the thing is, Charlie had to go through an extra playoff.  I only went through one playoff.  He went through two playoffs to get to the World Series."

    Manuel added...

    "It's hard to win, period...  You've got to have the talent, but some fight comes into play."