I Have Adopted the Tampa Bay Rays

ZipCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2008

I have been swimming in uncharted waters this postseason.  Usually, being the die hard Yankees fan that I am, I would root for the boys in pinstripes.  However, what am I to do when the Yankees do not make the playoffs?  

I could have forgotten about baseball and put my focus elsewhere.  But, here's the thingI like baseball and I do not want to abandon the excitement of the postseason just because my team isn't playing. Therefore, I have adopted the Tampa Bay Rays for the 2008 World Series.  

Actually, my first adopted team was the Dodgers.  I was really hoping to see Joe Torre, a world class guy, take his new team to the big dance.  Plus, now that Manny is no longer a member of the Sox, I have come to see why he is such a lovable guy. Unfortunately, their trip to the World Series ended short of my desired expectations.  

Now I am putting all my energy into rooting for the Rays.  The Rays have a number of captivating characteristics.  As a team that had never produced a winning record, they have had a remarkable season.  Moreover, they have a lot of fresh talent in players such as Evan Longoria, Matt Garza, and Scott Kazmir. 

The 2008 Tamp Bay Rays have crafted quite the story this season.  After years of miserable play, they took down the big bad AL East with their guns blazing.  They play with passion, heart, and unbelievable perseverance.  

When the Red Sox came back from being down 0-7 in game five of the ALCS, I thought to myself, "here we go again, a repeat of 2004."  The Red Sox would play their usual obnoxious selves and ruin my team's chances at the World Series.  Thankfully, I was wrong.  

The Rays beat the Red Sox in an impressive game seven.  They remained cool and composed, which is quite a feat for such a young team.  Now it is time for them to have their storybook finish.  

I hope it is an exciting World Series.  I am tired of four game sweeps.  But no matter how many games must be played to determine a winner, I hope the Rays come out on top.

They are my teamat least at this moment in time.  And as the proud mother of my adopted child, I wish the Rays all the success in the world.