Swing and a Miss: The 21 Biggest Mound-Charging Failures in MLB History

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Swing and a Miss: The 21 Biggest Mound-Charging Failures in MLB History

Let's face it. Baseball is one of the most popular, competitive sports in the world, and for good reason. There's nothing better than a warm afternoon watching the game, when one testosterone-driven athlete takes a bat to the plate and tries his damnedest to drive a pitch from another testosterone-driven athlete over the outfield wall. 

These guys don't reach the major leagues without a competitive spirit and warrior's soul, though. As with any competition, the outcome can never be favorable for both sides. There are going to be tense moments in every game, and what happens when tension builds between a couple of testosterone-driven athletes? Tempers flare.

In baseball, guys usually solve this in one way. When something happens that a team doesn't like, it's the pitcher's job to go out there and plunk that guy with a fastball. If the situation calls for it, both benches will be warned and the game will move forward, but if the situation is severe enough, the other team's pitcher may feel the need to hit one of your guys, even if that results in him being thrown out of the game.

It's become commonplace in baseball, but that doesn't mean that everyone is going to like it. There are going to be hitters that aren't happy with being hit by a pitch intentionally (or in some cases, unintentionally). Hell, we've even seen managers and coaches do it from the dugout. When you're not happy with something, it's become the only solution—charge the mound.

I mean, since it was the pitcher's intention to send you a message by plunking you with a pitch, you do have the option to respond. Charging the mound seems to be the only way to do it. Run out there as fast as you can and hope you can beat his brains in before someone stops you.

More often than not, though, these mound-charging moments aren't always successful. They have, however, succeeded in becoming more entertaining than some games, so let's take a moment. Be it a serious situation, mind-boggling moment or hilarious blooper, charging the mound has become one of the most exciting facets of the game.

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