NFL Free Agency: 6 Vets Who Will Need to Take a Paycut or Face Being Dealt

Jack London@@Londonbridges21Correspondent IMay 30, 2011

NFL Free Agency: 6 Vets Who Will Need to Take a Paycut or Face Being Dealt

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    Ah, yes. 

    The money. 

    While many of us don't pay attention to how much our favorite player gets paid (yours truly included), the teams certainly do. 

    And boy, the owners certainly will all the more so after this labor dispute. 

    So, if, and I do mean if, we have a season this year, there's going to be at least a few veterans sent on their way because teams just can't afford them...and their hefty paychecks. 

Shawne Merriman, Buffalo Bills

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    This may happen regardless, because Merriman doesn't appear like he's going to be what he once was. 

    But Merriman made over $3 million last year. 

    That's a lot for a guy who didn't play. 

    I think Buffalo deserves a break...and paying a guy like Merriman won't help them at all. 

Marion Barber, Dallas Cowboys

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    Barber was a pivotal part of the Dallas Cowboy offense for years, even though he usually split carries with Julius Jones or Felix Jones. 

    Barber was money, pun intended for this slideshow, when it came to getting in the end zone though. 

    But he made over $3 million last year. 

    Okay, but he's not the main running back anymore. 

    I think everyone knows he's playing second fiddle to Felix Jones, and at times, Tashard Choice. 

    Maybe I'm wrong, and I don't think the 'Boys will let him go, but something's got to give with that salary. 

Bryant McFadden, Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Let me say this from firsthand experience as the Cardinals featured columnist: McFadden isn't a great corner. 

    And he's certainly not the best on his team. 

    Yet he's making the most money. 


Matt Leinart, Houston Texans

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    Yeah, do I really need to go into this?

    Leinart failed to beat out Derek Anderson last season. 

    And he's due quite a bit of money as a third stringer this year. 


Nate Washington, Tennessee Titans

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    Washington was supposed to be the help Tennessee needed at receiver. 

    Not really. 

    Yet, he's the highest paid. 

    I'm sensing a trend here...

Brian Williams, Atlanta Falcons

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    Williams had zero, count 'em, zero interceptions last year. 

    And yet, he's supposed to get paid over $5 million this year.