Ringleader Phil Savage Flexes Muscle....Suspends Winslow

Brent SomppiContributor IOctober 21, 2008

Just when Cleveland Browns fans thought the season couldn't get any stranger, on Tuesday General Manager Phil Savage suspended Tight End Kellen Winslow.

Winslow, disappointed on how the Cleveland Upper Office handled his staph infection over a week ago, called out Savage Sunday night saying he "felt like a piece of meat" when Savage didn't call to see how his recovery was doing.

With the suspension, the Cleveland Browns will be without Pro Bowler Winslow for their upcoming game against Jacksonville. 

The suspension has raised many speculations with both Winslow and Savage on who was right and who was wrong.  Plus, what will this do to the extremely sputtering Cleveland Browns offense during what many consider a must win game to salvage a possible playoff season.

Here are my thoughts.

On the game versus Jacksonville. 

I believe that this is a HUGE loss.  Many people might not no this but Winslow is leading the team in receptions (21).  I'm sure Savage and Browns Head Coach Romeo Crennell are looking at the Monday Night game versus the Giants where backup Tight Ends Darnell Dinkins and Steve Heiden stepped up and had big games for the Brownies when Winslow was out with the infection. 

But that was the one and only game of the season when the offense was clicking on all cylinders.  I'm not taking anything away from Dinkins and Heiden but if Winslow would have been in at End...the Browns would have had an even better game.

With the offense on life support as it is...I don't think that Heiden and Dinkins have the athletic ability to make the plays as Winslow would be able to do with Derek Anderson still trying to find his "zone".

Final score on Sunday....Cleveland 3  Jacksonville 13.

My thought on the Suspension.

Let's start from the beginning.  On Friday...I saw a report the Winslow was out for the game against New York with an "unspecified illness".  There were rumors all over the  internet saying that Winslow's testicles had blown up to the size of grapefruits. 

After hearing that...I thought that would be a good reason why they called it an unspecified illness.  Heck how wants that information out there. 

Let's fast-forward to this week.  After the embarrassing loss to Washington Winslow who did step over the line by complaining to the media instead of bringing it up with Upper Management said he had a "staph infection".

Ok I'm in Winslow's corner for this one.  First there are reports out there that his family jewels are the size of grapefruits and it turned out to be a staph infection?  Why did the Browns want to keep this a secret?  It's no surprise that staph infections are attracted to the Cleveland Browns?  Second why was Winslow keeping quiet?  This isn't his first staph infection. 

Coach Romeo Crennell called what Winslow did was a "distraction to the team".  Wake up Romeo you have bigger distractions than Winslow talking about his staph infection.

You have a HUGE quarterback controversy and your future with the Browns is in serious jeopardy.  The offense is underachieving and now you take away your most consistent receiver?  I don't know about this one. 

As for Winslow's future with the Browns I would be surprised to see number 80 on the sidelines next year which I believe is a step back.  Sure Winslow is arrogant and tells the media when he is upset but I think someone has to.  Plus Winslow hasn't complained all season about getting the ball more and looking for him in the end zone (trust me he's been open several times) and that's hard for him.  He just want's to win and he'll show emotion if that's what it takes. 

Crennell and Savage are so politically correct don't show frustration with emotion.  They just go up and say things like "it's a disappointing loss" or "it was our mistake".  Why don't you really step up and say what all Browns fans are saying after the first quarter of the season, "we suck".

This suspension is in my opinion just the beginning of a great collapse of a Cleveland Browns football team that had exciting expectations for Brownie fans.  It's just a flat out shame for the Cleveland Browns fans.