MLB: Top 10 States Our Favorite Baseball Stars Call Home

Don DiabloContributor IIIMay 27, 2011

MLB: Top 10 States Our Favorite Baseball Stars Call Home

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    Baseball has become a world-wide sport.  Players hail from Australia to Canada, from Venezuela to Mexico, but baseball will always be America's game.  Currently over 800 players on MLB's 40 man rosters call the USA home. 

    Baseball has players from all states except Delaware.  Even Alaska currently has produced two players. Baseball fights for the top American talent, but certain states stand out above the rest.

    So here are the top ten baseball talent rich states.

#10: Indiana

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    Indiana claims eighteen active players in MLB.  The Hoosier state, better known for basketball, has a good current crop born in the state.  Scott Rolen and Adam Lind are the most notable positional players, and Jeff Smardzija and LaTroy Hawkins are the most notable pitchers. 

#9: North Carolina

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    North Carolina claims nineteen current major leaguers.  The Tarheel state boasts some of the top hitters in baseball. 

    The Raleigh-Durham area has the star players.  Brian Roberts, Brandon Phillips, Ryan Zimmerman, and Josh Hamilton all hail from the state.  Madison Bumgarner is the top pitcher from North Carolina. 

#8: Missouri

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    When Missouri is mentioned as a home state for current players one name comes to mind: Ryan Howard. The St. Louis native is one of twenty players that grew up in Missouri. 

    Howard is the most significant positional player, but a pretty good starting pitching staff was born here as well.  Jake Arrieta, Mark Buerhle, Max Scherzer, and Shaun Marcum all were born in the Show-Me State. 

#7: New Jersey

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    New Jersey may claim twenty-one baseball players, but only one current player makes this state.  Future Hall of Famer Derek Jeter is the top player born in the state of New Jersey. 

    Beyond him, only Rick Porcello and Mark DeRosa are known veteran players currently on a major league roster. 

#6: Ohio

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    With twenty-two baseball stars, Ohio claims the fifth most players currently on 40-man roster. 

    Ohio boasts some good power hitters with Nick Swisher, Aubrey Huff, and Kevin Youkilis all born in the state. 

    Also, some decent starting pitchers were born in the state, with Andy Sonnanstine and Chad Billingsley. 

#5: Illinois

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    In what is starting to be a mid-west theme, Illinois is the number five state with 27 stars. 

    Definitely a power state, Curtis Granderson, Jayson Werth, and Jim Thome all used to call Illinois home.  Pitcher wise, J.A. Happ and Jason Isringhausen were born in the state. 

#4: Georgia

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    The state of Georgia is well known for being a top baseball state.  Not only do they have two top flight college baseball programs, but Georgia boasts thirty-three major league players. 

    Top players Stephen Drew, Brian McCann, and Buster Posey all hail from the Peach state.  Even top pitchers in Jonathon Broxton, Tim Hudson, and Jake Westbrook were born in Georgia. 

#3: Florida

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    The Sunshine State starts the break-away from the rest, with seventy-six current players on 40-man rosters.   

    So many top stars were born in Florida, including Chipper Jones, Luke Scott, and Andrew McCutchen.  Also pitchers Tim Wakefield, Bronson Arroyo, and Zack Greinke were born in Florida. 

#2: Texas

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    Being one of the three largest states in the US, it is not a shock that Texas boasts ninety baseball superstars. 

    Big superstars of the sport Lance Berkman, Carl Crawford, Adam Dunn, and Brad Hawpe were born in the Lone Star State.  Also pitchers Josh Beckett, Kerry Wood, Clayton Kershaw, and Joe Nathan boast this state as their home.

#1: California

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    It is no shock that California boasts the most baseball superstars.  However, they almost double Texas with a total of 167 players.  With this many players, they can boast an all-star lineup and pitching staff. 

    Top draws Dustin Pedroia, Adrian Gonzalez, Prince Fielder, Chase Utley, and Evan Longoria all were born in California.  Pitchers Matt Garza, Dan Haren, CC Sabathia, and Cole Hamels also call California home.