Philadelphia Phillies: Ranking the Phillies' Injuries in Order of Importance

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IMay 26, 2011

Philadelphia Phillies: Ranking the Phillies' Injuries in Order of Importance

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    Although the Phillies have one of the best records in the MLB, they have been in a hitting slump lately and have been missing some key players due to injury.

    Fortunately, Chase Utley has made his way back, but it would be impossible not to put him on this list. However, he is certainly not the only one.

    The players on this list are the current players on the disabled list and not the ones from earlier in the season. 

    It can definitely be said that the start of the season has been injury plagued and unlucky even though the Phillies have found success. 

6. Ross Gload

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    Injury: Hip

    He is listed on the injury report, so I had to give him a quick mention. 

    Ross Gload does not start much. He has served as a pinch hitter and occasional starter in the outfield for the Phillies.

    With all due respect to Gload, the Phillies are not missing much with him considering he does not start often. He was just placed on the injury report, so he has only been gone for a couple of days.

5. Joe Blanton

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    Injury: Elbow

    Some of you may believe he is this low because of his slow start, but it is really because of the great job Vance Worley has done. It feels like we lost nothing.

    Joe Blanton is currently on the 15-Day disabled list with an elbow injury and should be back soon.

    Although Blanton has been in a slump, I would still like to see him pitch. His talent is still there and he is just going through a slump he will eventually get out of. 

4. Brad Lidge

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    Injury: Shoulder

    Brad Lidge has faced many injuries in his short career with Philadelphia, but has always been very effective in the ninth inning.

    The fact that replacements like Ryan Madson and Jose Contreras stepped up is why Lidge is not higher on the list. Even though players have stepped up, it would be great to see if Lidge still has it.

    I have been reading from numerous different sources that Lidge could be potential trade bait for an outfielder when the trade deadline comes around. Obviously, it is because our other relievers have stepped up and I guess Charlie Manuel trusts them.

    Lidge has gone through the ups and downs from injuries before and has proven to be effective. Hopefully the same result is repeated.

3. Jose Contreras

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    Injury: Elbow

    Just when Contreras was entering the midst of his groove and establishing himself as the everyday closer, he gets hurt.

    It is always hard for the Phillies to find a replacement when Brad Lidge gets hurt, because no one seems to click in the closing role. I would have ranked Contreras much higher had Ryan Madson not been pitching so superbly as of late.

    Even though he is listed at 39, he has proven he still has the ability to pitch and take over games down the stretch.

    We still miss his arm out in the bullpen. 

2. Shane Victorino

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    Injury: Hamstring

    The Phillies and the fans miss everything Victorino brings to the table. Whether you are talking about his fielding, hitting or base-running, you know there will always be a small dropoff without this guy.

    The hitting especially is where we miss him. In my mind, he is the spark for the offense and his absence has definitely affected our recently cold offense.

    Before getting hurt, he was hitting .284 and was on a 15-game hit streak. It's a shame he was sidelined in the middle of his groove, but I have no doubt he will get right back into it.

    The hamstring injury shouldn't have him out for long, and he will hopefully make an impact as soon as he comes back into the lineup. 

1. Chase Utley

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    Injury: Knee

    It's just not the same starting out the season without Chase Utley. The good news is he's back, but I could not make this slideshow without Utley, who has missed the most time.

    Wilson Valdez has been more-than serviceable, but every fan knows deep down that they want Utley back in the everyday lineup.

    I have to be honest here, though. I think this injury and others in the past will have, and have already had, an effect on his career. I still love Utley and he is one of the best second basemen in the league. However, do not expect All-Star numbers from him immediately.

    Utley will show off his bat down the stretch as always, and prove to be a clutch player come September and entering the playoffs.


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    Although the Phillies have been hit with injuries, they have somehow found ways around them, something they have not been able to do in the past.

    These rankings could be switched around, like the closers and Blanton, although I think Victorino and Utley are the set in stone in the top two. Rankings aside, the main point of this was to show the injuries the Phillies have suffered and the players fans have been waiting to see.  

    It can be said that most of the time the healthiest team entering the playoffs is the most effective, and hopefully they are getting these injuries out of the way now rather than later.