Denver Broncos Place Kyle Orton on Trading Block: Thoughts on the Orton Era

Vaden ChandlerCorrespondent IJuly 26, 2011

Is Orton on his way to Miami?
Is Orton on his way to Miami?Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Having just learned that, according to the Pro Football Talk website, the Broncos really do want to trade Orton, I have to say that even as a Tebow supporter I have mixed feelings about the situation—if it really is true and not just rumor masquerading as a news story. 

What's so special about Orton? Well, not much really. But I believe the correct point that many made here on Bleacher Report was that Orton did not have flair, style, or zip, but he was dependable and a known quantity. I believe one person on the above-mentioned site even noted that Orton is the "Chris Chandler of his day," who simply hung around long enough and ended up playing in a Super Bowl.

Although it remains to be seen whether Orton will ever play in one, the comparisons between him and Trent Dilfer, Matt Hasselbeck, Chris Chandler and other less-than-hall-of-fame-but-still-competent QBs are still there.

Let's face it. Orton will never be a hall-of-famer, but I do believe that if he is dealt that a third-rounder is appropriate for his services to his new team. With the right defense, line and a core of talented receivers, Orton could still be an effective starter in this league. 

When you look at the original situation at hand, where Cutler became disenfranchised after McDaniels dangled him in a trade, you have to agree that both players had better situations if they would have stayed put.

Orton wasn't loved in Chicago by any stretch of the imagination, but in Chicago Orton did not have to live under the giant Elway shadow that he did here in Denver. In a sense, Chicago is used to ordinary QBs, having even won a Super Bowl with Jim McMahon and a stellar defense. 

Orton came to a place called the Mile High City that has been looking for the next Elway. Did anyone at all really think this was going to go well? We wanted to believe that it was going to go well, didn't we? Especially after winning the first six games. But then we went 6-20 and couldn't buy a win.

Was it all Orton's fault? Not even close. A subpar defense, poor coaching and a litany of other reasons contributed to Orton's demise here in the Mile-High City.