The Ten Cities That Hate Boston The Most

Andrew SCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2008

It seems like the city du jour for haters is Boston. Boston has been the most successful sports city since 2001 with six total championships in that time. Just take a look at any sports website and you’ll find countless jabs at Red Sox Nation, the Celtics bandwagon, Spygate, and 18-1. 

Why do they hate us?  Well, it has something to do with jealousy.  And it has something to do with Massholes. Anyways, here’s a look at the ten cities that hate Boston the most.

1.  New York—Okay this is a given. The Yankees and the Red Sox have the most heated rivalry in all of sports. The Jets fans hate Bill Belichick after the Spygate fiasco was discovered last year in New York. This is not even to mention the fact that the Knicks-Celtics and Rangers-Bruins rivalries have not always been civil. Simply put, New York and Boston hate each other with a passion.

2.  Los Angeles—The obvious is the Lakers-Celtics rivalry. This is one of the classic rivalries in American sports, and it was rekindled this year when the two teams met in the finals.  Not to be overlooked however is the disdain the Angels are sure to feel for the Red Sox after being beaten in the playoffs by them three times in the past five years.

3. IIndianapolis-Colts fans hate the Pats.  Just hate them.  For anybody who questions this, just watch the tape of the 2007 AFC championship game.  Colts fans were absolutely out of their mind delirious after beating the Pats.

4.  Cleveland-In October 2007, the Red Sox rallied from a 3-1 deficit to knock the Indians out of the ALCS.  Then in June 2008, the Celtics knocked the Cavs out of the playoffs in seven games.  A couple of devastating losses like that could make a city just a little bitter.  Plus, Cleveland fans have never really gotten over the loss of Manny Ramirez and Bill Belichick to the hub of the universe.

5.  Philadelphia-Philadelphia is just like Boston: a bunch of pissed off drunk guys who generally like to support their team rabidly and are willing to fight anyone to defend their city.  So as you can imagine, when these cities meet it isn’t pretty.  The Sixers and Celtics have a long history of animosity as Eastern Conference rivals.  And of course the Patriots are responsible for ending the first Super Bowl dream that the Eagles had had in 25 years.

6.  Hartford-I know, I know.  Hartford isn’t really a city per se, but there is a lot of hatred towards Boston there.  Why?  Well, back in the mid-90s, Hartford let their professional hockey franchise, the Whalers, move to Carolina, believing that they would be getting the New England Patriots. 

     Ha ha funny thing about that, the Patriots were just using Hartford as leverage to get a new stadium deal in Foxboro.  So Hartford basically got screwed.  And that’s why the name Bob Kraft is a swear word in Connecticut.

7.  San Diego- The Patriots have been responsible for the Chargers last two playoff eliminations.  After defeating the Chargers in 2006, the Patriots celebrated by making the universal choking sign, their hands around their throats.  This prompted LaDainian Tomlinson to call the Pats “classless”.

8.  St. Louis- Boston has ended the Gateway’s  title hopes twice in this new millennium. The Patriots ended the Rams dynasty hopes back in 2001 and in 2004 defeated the Cardinals in the World Series. 

9.  Baltimore- Sox fans routinely invade Camden Yards and drive O’s fans crazy. 

10.Oakland- The Red Sox stole the Moneyball strategy from Billy Beane, and then went on to defeat the A’s in the 2003 ALCS.  Then, they tried to steal Billy Beane when it looked like Theo Epstein was leaving.  The Patriots have irked Raiders fans by getting maximum effort out of Randy Moss, and of course the notorious “Tuck Rule” game.