Batting 1.000: 2011 Fantasy Baseball Weekly Wheelhouse Rankings, First Base (1B)

Maxwell SalvatiContributor IIMay 21, 2011

There's a new top first baseman this week and it's not Miguel Cabrera?
There's a new top first baseman this week and it's not Miguel Cabrera?Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Hitters are ranked for their expected performance from this point forward in standard 5x5 redraft leagues, not for statistics that have already been accrued.

These rankings can also be used as a barometer to determine trade value. 

Top 40 First Basemen:

Note: number in parenthesis was last weeks rank.

1 (4). Adrian Gonzalez, BOS

  • 12 RBI in the last week. He's now on pace to finish .326/103/33/150/3 after an incredibly slow start, where he hit only one home run in April. Scary. Trending Upward.

2 (1). Albert Pujols, STL

  • Maybe it's the contract, maybe he's hiding an injury, or maybe he's even just slowing down, but whatever it is, it's not good. Trending Downward.

3 (2). Joey Votto, CIN

  • HR totals are down a bit, but I'm not worried. He's money in the bank.

4 (3). Miguel Cabrera, DET

  • Same situation as Votto. His power is down a bit, but he'll be fine.

5 (5). Prince Fielder, MIL

6 (6). Mark Teixeira, NYY

7 (7). Paul Konerko, CWS

8 (10). Kevin Youkilis, BOS

  • Heating up...along with the Summer...and the rest of that dirty Boston lineup. Watch out. Trending Upward.

9 (12). Lance Berkman, STL

  • He's an liability as long as he's allowed to continue running around in that outfield. His bat is for real in that lineup, but he's due for some regression as well. I like him here, just don't expect a top 5 finish.

10 (11). Eric Hosmer, KC

  • Through 13 games and 51 at-bats, Hosmer has proven that he belongs in the majors. If we project him out over 600 AB, he's on pace to hit a ridiculous .314/102/36/102/12. You've officially arrived, kid. In-Depth Fantasy Profile With Projections and Analysis. Trending Upward.

11 (8). Ryan Howard, PHI

  • Despite Brown being called up, I still don't like the Phillies' offense one bit. HR totals and OPS are in a free fall. Definitely showing signs of aging. Trending Downward.

12 (14). Gaby Sanchez, FLA

  • Proving himself to be a .300 hitter with 25 HR pop. This may be his ceiling, but I trust his counting stats to be there more than I do Billy Butlers, because of the supporting cast...Hanley, Morrison and Stanton. However, this might be his ceiling. Trending Upward.

13 (13). Billy Butler, KC

  • Might not be the 25-30 HR threat I believed him to be in the preseason. He's still good for .300-plus and 15-25 HR. Like Sanchez, without 25-plus HR power, this might be around his ceiling.

14 (9). Adam Dunn, CWS

  • On pace for 14 HR and 200 strikeouts. I think he'll reach 30 HR, but I don't think he gets close to touching 40 this year. Might be on the back nine of his career. Trending Downward.

15 (15). Justin Smoak, SEA

16 (16). Mitch Moreland, TEX

17 (20). Justin Morneau, MIN

  • He's hit safely in six of the last seven games, while hitting .357 with one HR and four RBI. It's not classic Morneau, but it finally looks like he's coming around. Now if he could somehow just get the rest of the Twins to hit, they might have something there. Trending Upward.

18 (17). Adam Lind, TOR

  • A little worried about his injury history and his back when he returns, but not that much. He was on a tear before he got hurt.

19 (21). Michael Young, TEX

20 (18). Carlos Santana, CLE

21 (19). Buster Posey, SF

22 (22). Ike Davis, NYM

23 (24). Howard Kendrick, ANA

24 (23). Mark Trumbo, ANA

25 (31). Aubrey Huff, SF

  • Slooooooowwwwlllyyy coming around. Trending Upward.

26 (27). Todd Helton, COL

  • I believe the batting average, don't believe the power.

27 (25). Alex Gordon, KC

28 (28). Carlos Lee, HOU

29 (29). Matt LaPorta, CLE

30 (30). Brett Wallace, HOU

31 (26). Mike Napoli, TEX

  • Painful to own, even at catcher. Trending Downward.

32 (32). Freddie Freeman, ATL

33 (37). Michael Cuddyer, MIN

34 (33). Garrett Jones, PIT

35 (34). James Loney, LAD

36 (35). Carlos Pena, CHC

37 (36). Derrek Lee, BAL

38 (38). Daric Barton, OAK

39 (39). Adam LaRoche, WAS

40 (40). Daniel Murphy, NYM


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