Batting 1.000: 2011 Fantasy Baseball Weekly Wheelhouse Rankings, Catcher (C)

Maxwell SalvatiContributor IIMay 21, 2011

Matt Wieters takes a big step forward and makes his highest appearance on my rankings this season.
Matt Wieters takes a big step forward and makes his highest appearance on my rankings this season.Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Hitters are ranked for their expected performance from this point forward in standard 5x5 redraft leagues, not for statistics that have already been accrued. These rankings can also be used as a barometer to determine trade value. 

Top 30 Catchers:

Note: number in parenthesis was last weeks rank.

1 (1). Victor Martinez, DET

2 (2). Carlos Santana, CLE

3 (3). Buster Posey, SF

4 (4). Brian McCann, ATL

  • Besides a 2 HR game he isn't doing much. What have you done for me lately? Might be time to move him down if he doesn't start performing.

5 (5). Joe Mauer, MIN

6 (8). Matt Wieters, BAL

  • He's currently rockin' an eight-game hitting steak. During that span he is 15 for 37 (.405 AVG). He's hitting incredibly well with runners in scoring position this year too, as he's on-pace for 92 RBI. I would like to see more of the light-tower power we saw from him in the minors, but what can you do. Trending Upward.

7 (17). Yadier Molina, STL

  • Some people develop power in their late-20's. Maybe Yadier is some people. If so, a .300 AVG paired with 10-15 home runs could be well within reach. Trending Upward.

8 (13). Alex Avila, DET

  • He hasn't been hitting poorly lately, but he hasn't been hitting well either. This is more or less because of a lack of better options.

9 (6). Miguel Montero, ARI

  • There is just no room for counting stats in that D-Backs lineup, huh? Trending Downward.

10 (9). Geovany Soto, CHC

  • No Lou Piniella means more playing time. More playing time means more HR. More HR means top five potential for Soto. He'll be back from injury soon.

11 (22). J.P. Arencibia, TOR

  • 3 HR in the past seven days. He has legitimate 30 HR power, but don't expect him to win a batting title anytime soon. Think Mark Reynolds, but at catcher. Trending Upward.

12 (7). Mike Napoli, TEX

  • Though he will hit 20-plus HR this season, that's for sure, his batting average has now dropped below the Mendoza-line. Trending Downward.

13 (12). Chris Iannetta, COL

  • I think scorching Wilin Rosario will be up at some point this season, which will significantly hurt his value. Though Iannetta is getting better versus lefties, he's still not good enough. I expect a platoon, so for now this is where I feel comfortable placing him.

14 (10). Russel Martin, NYY

  • Gonna slow down. Gonna get hurt. Gonna lose time to Jesus. Sell-high while you still can. Trending Downward.

15 (21). Jonathan Lucroy, MIL

  • 2 HR in the last week. He's more of a high batting average guy, but he has 10 HR pop. I especially like him because he's in that potent Brewers offense. Trending Upward.

16 (14). Wilson Ramos, WAS

  • Slowly enveloping Pudge's playing time. He will be the everyday guy soon enough.

17 (15). Kurt Suzuki, OAK

18 (16). John Buck, FLA

19 (11). Jorge Posada, NYY

  • Was really worried about his playing time, but now I am less worried. Let me be clear that that I am still on alert, though now I'm only at like Orange instead of Red. He'll produce similar to Napoli if he can stay healthy and remain in the lineup, lotsa power, little average. Trending Downward.

20 (18). Hank Conger, ANA

  • It should be his full-time job -- or whatever the Angels' equivalent is -- by the All-Star break, but who knows with that nut-job Mike Scioscia. Just because you couldn't play offense doesn't mean you have to go and ruin it for everybody else. Hammerin' Hank can sure hit though. He cracks the top 10 easy as the everyday starter.

21 (19). Rod Barajas, LAD

  • Pretty much only has power to offer but he does have 20 HR pop.

22 (20). Carlos Ruiz, PHI

  • Slow start back from injury.

23 (24). Ryan Doumit, PIT

24 (30a). Ramon Hernandez, CIN

  • More at-bats would really do Hernandez some good, but he's in a platoon. Trending Upward.

25 (23). Miguel Olivo, SEA

26 (25). Nick Hundley, SD

27 (27). Yorvit Torrealba, TEX

28 (NR). Jarrod Saltalamacchia, BOS

  • Putting himself on the map...sort of.

29 (26). A.J. Pierzynski, CHW

30a (28). John Jaso, TB

30b (30b).  Ryan Hanigan, CIN

30c (29). Josh Thole, NYM

Did I leave anyone out? Am I completely off-base on a ranking? Then let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!


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