Richard Seymour: How the Former Patriot Returned the Oakland Raiders to Greatness

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIMay 20, 2011

Richard Seymour  was a trade that will go down in Raider history. He is a new and true Raider
Richard Seymour was a trade that will go down in Raider history. He is a new and true RaiderEzra Shaw/Getty Images

In what could now be considered one of the greatest trades for the Oakland Raiders, Pro Bowl defensive lineman Richard Seymour was traded to the Silver and Black in 2009. In order to acquire the star player Oakland gave up their 2011 first round draft pick and paid Seymour 3.685 million.

In fact, for many it was hard to swallow that the Raiders had given up their first pick because the past had shown that veterans coming to Oakland seemed to flake. Players like Jeff George, Desmond Howard and a "popeyed" Javon Walker came to Oakland simply to collect. 

Richard Seymour was 30 at the time and it was obvious that the Patriots did not want to pay for the aging star. This was a perfect match for the Oakland Raiders and Al Davis. It was risky, but now we see it was certainly worth it.

The Oakland Raiders have had to worst run defense since going to the Superbowl in 2002. Worst means the Raider defense allowed 141.7 yds per game on the ground and 122 rushing touchdowns when they acquired Seymour.

  By acquiring Seymour, the Oakland Raider were expecting to gain a stellar player that would "stuff " the run. The Raiders needed a veteran that could offer experience and motivation. Little did the Raiders know that Richard Seymour had much bigger plans.

From the start Richard Seymour stated that he would retire in Silver and Black. How soon Seymour would retire was unknown, but from the start of play he began to change the line in Oakland. In his first season, Richard Seymour had 4 sacks with 31 solo tackles.

Last season was a bit different and Seymour was a full fledged Raider. Richard Seymour had six sacks last season, and was matched up with former Cleveland Brown Kamerion Wimbley and  Tommy Kelly. Kamerion Wimbley flourished with the new line and led the Raiders with 9 sacks and 46 tackles, and he still continues to get better with Seymour leading the front line. There can be no doubt that the new Oakland Raider defense is simply mean. Raider fans love it!

The sacks would be a lot higher but those darn QBs have speed on em when they are running from the Raiders defense. Its easy to see why Oakland Raider owner Al Davis resigned Richard Seymour to a two-year, $30 million contract that includes $22.5 million guaranteed. Al Davis knows that he has a lethal defensive line and with newcomers like Rolando McClain, it will be hell for rivals next season.

Yet to get straight to the point, ever since the arrival of Richard Seymour, the Oakland Raiders began getting better and better. Seymour is a natural leader that stands 6' 6" and weighs a solid 310 lbs.The Oakland Raiders will meet the New England Patriots this season and this writer will definitely be there to watch a little bit of payback.

The first reason being Seymour sacking Tom Brady and proving to the Patriots that he is one of the best defensive tackles around and he wears the Silver and Black proudly.

The second reason is simply, the "tuck rule". The Oakland Raiders have been winners in decade after decade but the "tuck rule" was a joke and every time the Raiders have a chance to meet the Patriots, its a chance to defeat them for simply turning their head while the referees made the worst call ever. 

“It’s a great place to play,’’ Seymour, 31, said. “The fans are unlike any others in the league. They’re definitely committed, and they want the same type of players to play in this organization.’’ Seymour made this statement last year and the fans are like no other.

 Number 92 is a true Raider and as I have mentioned in previous times, this team is Superbowl bound. When you hear news like Richard Seymour's training camp it can only make you proud to be an Oakland Raider fan. I am proud. Go Raiders