2009 NFL Draft: Redrafting the Top 10

Ryan RobertsContributor IIIMay 17, 2011

2009 NFL Draft: Redrafting the Top 10

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    Hindsight is 20/20. If you knew you were going to get caught speeding, you would have slowed down. If you knew you were going to fail a test, you would have studied more. If you knew that an entire city was going to hate your guts because you "took your talents to South Beach", you probably would have thought out the way you announce decisions a little more. 

    With that being said, let's take a look at the 2009 NFL Draft and redraft the top 10 players taken.

10. Percy Harvin

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    2009 Draft Spot - No. 22, 1st Round

    Percy Harvin turned out to be just as elusive as he was when he was in college. In his second year in the league, Harvin had 868 yards receiving and five touchdowns. His production was down because of Brett Favre's awful year, but there's no denying that Harvin's talent doesn't justify his 22nd overall draft spot.

9. Jeremy Maclin

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    2009 Draft Spot - No. 19, 1st round

    Jeremy Maclin was one of the most important pieces for Michael Vick's comeback. His speed allowed him to be a great deep threat for that potent Eagles offense. Last season, he had 964 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns. More teams would definitely take an extra look at Maclin if they got the second chance.

8. Brian Orakpo

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    2009 Draft Spot - No. 13, 1st round

    There were some questions about whether Brian Orakpo could play 3-4 outside linebacker, but after making the Pro Bowl in both of his two seasons, all the questions have been answered. Over the last two seasons, Orakpo has 19.5 sacks.

7. B.J. Raji

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    2009 Draft Spot - No. 9, 1st round

    B.J. Raji only made this list because of his touchdown dance in the NFC Championship game, and because he is already one of the top defensive tackles in the game today.

6. Michael Oher

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    2009 Draft Spot - No. 23, 1st round

    When this left tackle wasn't breaking records with the smash box office hit "The Blind Side", he was breaking the will of opposing defensive ends. After winning Offensive Rookie of the Year, Oher has shown the talent and skill to be a perennial Pro Bowler in the future.

5. Mike Wallace

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    2009 Draft Spot - No. 84, 3rd round

    Al Davis fell in love with Darrius Heyward-Bay because he could run a 4.2 forty, but the best speedster in the draft wasn't taken until the third round. Mike Wallace had 1,250 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns last season and helped the Pittsburgh Steelers make it back to the Super Bowl.

4. Vontae Davis

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    2009 Draft Spot - No. 25, 1st round

    Called "the best corner no one has  ever heard of" by Brett Favre, Vontae Davis is slowly moving up the ranks as one of the top cornerbacks in the league. It won't be long until he demands the respect from opposing quarterbacks that Darrelle Revis and Champ Bailey receive.

3. Clay Matthews

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    2009 Draft Spot - No. 26, 1st round

    Clay Matthews is an absolute monster. Recording 13.5 sacks last year, Matthews was an offensive line's worst nightmare. Few running backs would even think about picking up a blitzing Matthews. He is sure to wreak havoc in the NFL for years to come.

2. Arian Foster

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    2009 Draft Spot - Undrafted

    NFL Scouts definitely blew this one. Foster went undrafted in 2009 and was signed as a free agent to the practice squad of the Houston Texans. Foster then proceeded to rush for 1,616 yards and 16 touchdowns. I may be wrong, but I think he was out to prove something.

1. Josh Freeman

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    2009 Draft Spot - No. 17, 1st round

    The Detroit Lions and the New York Jets selected Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez respectively. Matthew Stafford has missed 19 games in two seasons. He's shown signs of being great when he has played, but he has missed too many games to justify a No.1 pick.

    Mark Sanchez has made it to two AFC Championship games but let's be honest, he is average at best. Last season, Josh Freeman passed for 3,400 yards and 25 touchdowns. Josh Freeman is the type of pick that will have NFL general managers shaking their heads every time he hoists a Super Bowl trophy.